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You can spend all those years learning things in those fancy school books or you can go out into the world and learn everything by seeing and doing. There is no greater teacher than the world itself.

1. Learning Through Traveling

I have found that the best way to learn history is to walk through it. Before, during and after my travels to a new place, I spend hours researching the history of the country or city. My favorite section to study is the history during World War II. I always find myself imagining life in this city during the Renaissance or the Age of Reason, picturing people walking through small alleys with their trollies and carts.


2. It Makes Me Want to Learn a New Language

Nothing makes me want to learn more languages than traveling to a new country. Nothing makes you feel more like a fellow citizen than trying to speak the language of the people. Plus, its pretty nice to be able to order a beer in Italian or French. I also find that the locals appreciate more when you try to speak to them in their own language.

3. The World is Too Small to Stay in One Place

I have been traveling since I was 14, or technically since I was born and the travel bug runs through my veins. This world is so beautiful and there are so many different cultures to enjoy and learn about than just sitting home. I could never just sit in one place forever with the same routines without ever doing or seeing anything new and exciting. I love learning about our beautiful world!


4. It Makes You a Great Story Teller

Nothing makes you a better story teller than to experience all that life has to offer. It is better to see the world’s most amazing cities and make memories of your own. Getting lost or having something happen along the way makes the adventure that much more fun to tell others about. Plus, its better to see a new place than to hear about it a million times!


5. Because Life is Too Short

Life is too short to say “I’ll travel later” or “When I Retire!” The best time to travel is when you are young, wild, fearless and capable. There is so much to see and not enough time. You have to get started young! Don’t let life get in the way of you living your dreams.

6. It Puts Your Life in Perspective

Traveling makes you realize just how small of a roll we all play in this big world. There are millions of people on this planet and we are just one person. You realize your country isn’t the only country out there and it’s interesting to learn what other people think of your country. As an American, most people are amazed that I am from America and immediately want to speak English with me.


7. Everyone in the World is Jealous of Everyone Else in the World

As we travel and meet new friends from all over the world, you find that everyone is jealous of everyone else. I find that I am jealous of my friends who tell me that they are from Spain, England, Poland etc. And in return, they are all jealous that I am from California. Then the next question everyone asks is “Why are you here and not there!?” For me, I love the hundreds of years of history and the culture of Europe. America doesn’t have enough of this to keep me interested.

8. Trying New Foods

Nothing helps you experience a new culture like eating like the locals do. I make it a point on every vacation to eat a local cuisine and dessert or drink. Then I return home and attempt to make the equivalent, but nothing beats the original. Its just one more reason to go back!


9. Making Long Lasting Friendships Around the World

Some of my best friendships are with people I have met through all of my journeys. I love being able to say “My friend in Poland” or “My friend in Spain”. Plus it gives me another reason to travel somewhere and visit a friend! Not that I need an extra excuse to travel somewhere new. Although sometimes your new friends on Facebook become just an extra friend who you met along one of your journeys and that’s all you have in common.

10. Living or Traveling Abroad Teaches You How to Land on Your Own Two Feet

Nothing is more invigorating or thrilling than learning to be your own person. Traveling at a young age without parents teach you to survive on your own. It is nice to know that I don’t always have to rely on my parents for help and it makes me proud when I hear my parents tell their friends “My daughter lives in Germany” because it is such a big accomplishment!

11. “Hell Ya I Did That!”

I would rather be able to say “Hell ya I did that!” than to always say “I wish I had”. Life is too short to live a life full of regrets and I wishes. You have to live life to the fullest and take any chances that come your way. If you let them pass you by, you may never get that chance again. I want to be able to look back on my life and say “Ya I had the balls to do that!”


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