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It’s no secret. I’m ADDICTED to Instagram! I’m not ashamed to admit it! It’s the place I go to, to escape reality and dream of our future vacations. I love scrolling through endless travel inspiration posted by others. It is my absolute favorite tool for finding new Bucket List travel destinations!

Instagram has also helped me to become a better photographer and taught me so much. On days when I am filled with travel nostalgia, I love to go back and scroll through our memories.

So, I’ve gathered 25 of my favorite travel Instagrammers who I personally follow. Some accounts are small and should be better known and others have a plethora of followers. Some simply focus on the art of photography and others love personalizing their photos and sharing their travel memories. Others simply show their home country!

1. California Globetrotter


Ok, ok, so I’m being a bit brazen by putting myself out there! I’m definitely not a professional photographer or traveler, but I certainly try!

I absolutely LOVE Instagram and it’s one of my favorite ways of connecting with other travel bloggers and sharing stories. I post a daily photo of my past and present travels, focusing mostly on Germany & Europe, as well as the occasional trip home to the US. And my hope is to inspire others to travel to many of the under the radar places we have visited!

2. The Belle Abroad

the sunset at @maropengsa tonight did not disappoint ? ? @bitsandpiecestogo ?@bikinidotcom @toripraverswimwear ? @bernsabroad

A post shared by the belle abroad | caroline (@thebelleabroad) on


Caroline is a southern belle living the expat life in London. She posts inspirational, picture perfect travel photos as well as fashion trends! I absolutely adore her photos and outfits!

3. Snorkels to Snow


If ever I am in need of some Vitamin-SEA I head to snorkelstosnow for inspiration. Juliette & John are a Kiwi couple living and snorkeling in Fiji who love to share their amazing underwater discoveries, as well as their adventures in the snow!

4. Pinay Flying High


Noemi travels because she wants to and because she needs to. Traveling all around Europe, her photography is absolutely breathtaking and inspirational!

5. That Back Packer

Valparaiso, you've won me over! What's YOUR favourite city for street art? ?

A post shared by ✈ Audrey Bergner Jeffery ✈ (@thatbackpacker) on


Audrey travels 365 days a year and posts her photos of her amazing journeys as well as posting videos on YouTube. Her photos are always so vibrant with color and life!

6. Travel Passionate Greece

I loved the doors in Pyrgos village in Santorini

A post shared by Chrysoula Manika (@travelpassionategreece) on


Chrysoula is a travel blogger who is passionate about Greece and the rest of the world. Her posts are some of my favorite when I’m longing to visit the beautiful country of Greece, even though I’ve never made it there.

7. Travelsewhere


David is a freelance travel blogger from Oz gallivanting around Europe. He revels in slow travel in places most tourists haven’t made it to yet. Every picture is posted with some interesting historical background about the location. His beautiful photography of off-the-beaten-path locations have inspired us to travel this coming summer to the Balkans!

8. Lauren on Location

Sunny days and street art ☀️? ? #santiagoadicto #santiagodechile #wanderfulwednesday

A post shared by Lauren | Experience Junkie ? (@laurenonlocation) on


Lauren is another favorite travel blogger of mine who posts her photos and stories of her expat life living in Chile. Her photos are always so vibrant and inspiring to travel more of South America!

9. Untold Morsels


Katy is an Australian expat living in London sharing her expat stories of one of the greatest cities on earth.Her passions are food, wine, history and art and design and much of that she shares on her IG!

10. Jet Set Brunette

I found more wings! I stumbled across these ones in an alleyway in the wine region of Mudgee. #spreadyourwings #whatliftsyou

A post shared by Courtney Jones (@jetsetbrunettexo) on


Courtney is a Life enthusiast, Adventure seeker, Wine lover, Water baby and Shopaholic. Just a small town girl trying to escape the ordinary and sharing her adventures!

11. To Europe & Beyond

Good morning London. ? #wisteriawatch

A post shared by Marie Eve Vallieres (@mevallieres) on


Marie is a successful travel blogger based out of Montreal who has traveled extensively throughout Europe. Not only is her blog one of my favorites but her photos are absolutely picturesque!

12. The Girl on the Move

Blue skies be beautiful buildings… Budapest really needs to stop showing off!

A post shared by By Victoria ♥ (@thegirlonthemoveblog) on


Victoria is a UK based travel and lifestyle blogger traveling around Europe. She shares picturesque spots in London as well as from her travels.

13. Globetrotting Ginger Travel


Aubrie is an a beautiful redheaded adventurist, luxury and lifestyle blogger who shares her beautiful photos. She has an uncanny resemblance to the Little Mermaid and her bright red hair sets her apart from all the rest!

14. Eff It, I’m On Holiday


Vlad is a travel blogger from Romania on a quest to see the whole world, who has an obsession with Barcelona. One of my go-to bloggers, I look forward to seeing what new adventures he has for us!

15. Aleksandr_1403


Aleksander is a photographer from Russia who shares pictures of his beautiful country. I follow him because I am fascinated in Russian architecture and hope to visit Russia one day. His posts give me more inspiration about things to see in Russia!

16. Loki the Wolfdog

washed ashore.

A post shared by Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog) on


Loki has been breaking hearts since 2012 and inspiring us to explore the great outdoors with our pups! Sometimes, you just get sick and tired of seeing the same IG poses in front of the most iconic landmarks and you just want an adorable puppy to look at!

17. The Wandering Blonde


Kelly is a 20-something travel blogger & adventure seeker from Houston who’s not afraid to travel the world solo, without her fiance. She adventures traveling as a solo female constantly remind me to be grateful for the movement of freedom our generation of women can enjoy!

18.Heart My Backpack


Silvia is a world traveler with over 70 countries under her belt and after all that traveling, her heart settled on Norway and she still has her backpack! Love scrolling through her snowy photos of Norway and the rest of her explorations!

19. Tales of Travelling Sisters


Hema & Sumain are sisters from India taking on the world and sharing images from their home country, including some of their traditional outfits! Their pictures make me want to jump aboard a plane and go straight to India!

20. DreamDiscoverItalia


Lizzie is a talented, Award-winning Italian travel & culture website. She shares stunning photos of food, festivals, language tips, history & hidden gems by discovering Italy one trip at a time! Her photos always make me fall in love with Italy over and over again!

21. Just One way Ticket


Sab is an extremely talented Top 50 Travel Blogger who writes about and shares the things she loves! Her page is filled with glorious tropical pictures making me wish I could book more beach side vacations!

22. Miss Tourist


Yulia is a vibrant Russian gal traveling the world as a travel blogger who shares unique and bubbly photos of her travels. She is stylish and shows off her fashion sense in her beautiful photos from around the world.

23. Life in Wanderlust


Kana is a travel Instagrammer traveling around the world sharing colorful pictures of her travels and strangely delicious looking food! Currently traveling around California, she’s making me miss home!

24. DreamEuroTrip

If only I could pack them all in my luggage ✨ ✨✨ #BirthgayTrip

A post shared by DJ Yabis (@dreameurotrip) on


DJ Yabis is an avid world traveler, stylist and life blogger who shares his stories from around the world! By far one of the best dressed travel dude I’ve ever seen with pictures to be completely envious of!

25. Do You Speak Travel

Danka is a Slovakian traveler living in Dubai and sharing her beautiful and colorful expat pictures and stories with us. She’s a traveler, life style blogger and social media enthusiast. Her pictures make me want to hop on a plane and go straight to Dubai!


I could easily keep going as there are so many talented photographers traveling around the world who I admire and inspire me to travel more and to take better, creative photos.

Do you follow any of these amazing IGers? Do you have any others you can recommend?

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Replies to 25 Inspirational Travel Instagrammers

  1. Thanks so much for including me on this list! I follow quite a few of these Instagrammers as well and LOVE their work, but you’ve also introduced me to some new ones that I can’t wait to check out! Its so fun finding new inspiring people to follow 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for including me! I follow most of the accounts you’ve mentioned and like you, I admire them all. So it’s absolutely an honor for my tiny instagram account to be alongside all of them. 🙂 xx

  3. Love to see all these beautiful pics on insta – a great motivation to travel more! And maybe, we can´t all see the whole world, but it´s worth trying! great IG collection!

  4. Thank you so much Lori for including me on this list amongst amazing company! Like I told you before, you were one of the first accounts I ever followed when I started Instagram and have always been a role model! xo

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