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50 Travel Themed Home Decor Idea | Travel Decorations | TravelHome Decor | Wanderlust Decor | Wanderlust Decorations | How to incorporate tarvel into your home | World Travel decor | Travel Decor for Bedroom | Themed Room Decorating Ideas | Rustic Travel Decor | Chic Travel Decor - California Globetrotter

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I might make a little extra spending money, at no extra cost to you. As always, all opinions are my own and come highly recommended to you from yours truly!

Let’s admit it, if you’re a hardcore wanderluster with an insatiable hunger to explore every crevice of the world, your house probably looks something like mine. Not entirely furnished because you would rather spend your hard earned money on travel than decorating your house, except when it comes to decorating your love of all things maps, travel inspiration, travel souvenirs and more.

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50 Travel Themed Home Decor Idea | Travel Decorations | TravelHome Decor | Wanderlust Decor | Wanderlust Decorations | How to incorporate tarvel into your home | World Travel decor | Travel Decor for Bedroom | Themed Room Decorating Ideas | Rustic Travel Decor | Chic Travel Decor - California Globetrotter


You likely have maps on every wall, pillows with maps, coffee cups with maps and anything and everything that is going to remind you of your past travels and the ones still to come! But, if you’re just settling into a place of your own, and are as addicted to travel as I, then here are my favorite travel-themed home decor accessories!

Here I’ve gathered many of the best travel themed home decor items and dug deep into the depths of Amazon to find the most fascinating and unique home decor items to help give your home a travel-inspired makeover! Perhaps you want to decorate your home like your favorite destination, for example, London inspired home decor or perhaps you just want to showcase your love of world travel! So, I hope you find these travel-themed home decor accessories useful and inspiring and help you to incorporate travel into your home! Whether you’re looking for wanderlust decor for your living room, bedroom, bathroom or even your garden, I’ve found something for every thing!

1. Corkboard Map

Luckies of London Corkboard Map


Love corkboards, maps and photography? What better way than to combine the two, grab some string and print your favorite photos and string the photo to the location in which is was taken!


Price: $34.99


2. Travel Quote Sign

Travel Quotes Wood Sign – Travel The Only Thing You Will Buy That Makes You Richer – Travel Decor Wall Art – Travel Themed Gift Quotes Sign


In case you have a friend or family member who doesn’t understand the meaning of travel and why you’re always gone, you can tell them you are finding the richness in life by exploring new places and meeting new people!


Price: $14.99


3. Vinyl Travel Wall Decal

Vinyl Decal Quote for Wall – I Haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s On My List – Inspirational Travel Saying


And if anyone asks where you want to go, you can simply show them your list of places you want to visit with this vinyl travel quote wall decal!


Price: $9.99


4. Eat Well, Travel Often Pillow

Gold Eat Well Travel Often Home Decor Bronzing Flannelette Pillowcases Throw Pillow Cover Gold World Map

When you come home from a long journey, there really is no place like home, where you can snuggle up on the couch which has been beautifully decorated with this wanderholics’ life motto.


Price: $7.99


5. Travel Airplane Quote Vinyl Wall Decal

Travel Airplane Quote Decal Wall Vinyl Art Sticker


Sometimes, less is more. Why not proclaim your love for travel with this one word wall decal, telling all others that travel comes first and foremost in your life!


Price: $4.99


6. World Monuments Travel Photo Wall Decal

Global Travel Eiffel Tower London Bridge Leaning Tower of Pisa Colosseum Statue of Liberty Removable Wall Stickers


So, perhaps you’re not that excited about plastering maps all over your house, but perhaps this will suit you better. If you love world monuments, why not slap them on the wall, with a photo of yourself in said location!


Price: $9.49


7. Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set – 850 ml with Two World Etched Whiskey Glasses (300ml) for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka and Wine


Wow any visitors to your house with this impressive globe decanter unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Perfect for your favorite drink, be it whiskey or bourbon or any other drink of choice! And trust me when I say, it’s quite the eye catcher!


Price: $49.97


8. Fashion Wall Art Travel Prints

Paris London Rome New York Fashion Wall Art Décor Travel Prints


Always been a big fan of these chic fashionista travelers since I bought mine while at university! Combine your love of fashion, travel and art with these rustic prints of chicas strolling in front of some of the world’s most iconic monuments!


Price: $24.95


9. World Map Doormat

Global World Map Doormats

Welcome all house guests into your home no matter where they come from with this awesome world map doormat. Perfect for greeting your friends at the front door, use it in the bathroom or even the kitchen!


Price: $18.55


10. World Map Duvet Cover Set Bedspread

Bedding Set- World Map Duvet Cover Set Bedspread – 4 Piece 100% Cotton


Wake up every day on top of the world with this fabulous watercolor world map bedspread for all sizes and for all ages and be the envy of all! Just slap it on your comforter and snuggle up!


Price: $99.99 – $129.65


11. Never Stop Traveling Pillow

Never Stop Traveling Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover 18×18 Inch Mint


Grab this travel inspired pillow to accentuate your world map bedspread, encouraging you to never stop exploring, even on the days you’re not out exploring a new country. Perhaps, simply explore your own backyard in worst case scenario!


Price: $6.99


12. Travel the World Shower Curtain

Travel The World Lettering with Around World Landmarks Balloons Artwork Image, Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks


Brighten up your bathroom with this multi-color travel themed shower curtain with some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and feel like you’re traveling around the world as you scrub-a-dub-dub!


Price: $29.99


13. Shadow Box Ticket Stub Holder

Oh the Places We’ve Been 7 x 7 Black Wood Framed Shadow Box Ticket Stub Holder


Oh what to do, what to do with all those ticket stubs from museums, castles, palaces, bus tickets, train tickets and more from all of your travels around the world? Why, collect them in this simple travel memory box and display your adventures for all to see!


Price: $22.99


14. Wooden Globe Liquor Stand

Goplus 17″ Wood Globe Wine Bar Stand 16th Century Italian Rack Liquor Bottle Shelf with Wheels


Snag this classy Italian retro style liquor stand in the shape of a globe and add some of that timeless travel decor to your house. Move it from room to room as you see fit with ease as it has wheels, never slowing you down on any journey.


Price: $87.99


15. Old World Map Vintage Leather Suitcases

Old World Map Leather Vintage Style Suitcase with Straps, Set of 2


Everyone loves a set of vintage suitcases, reminiscent of setting off on a journey with simply what you can carry. Put them below a coffee table, in a corner of a room, near the door or on a shelf. Either way, it will spice up your home!


Price: $74.99


16. Adventure Awaits Mug

Adventure Awaits Retro,Tin, Enamel 10oz Mug


Grab a couple of these cute mugs to remind you that adventure is out there, yet to be had and snuggle up on the sofa with one of your favorite travel themed books! Or simply, have a hot chocolate party with your cool cups!


Price: $17.49


17. Adventure World Map Crawling Mat for Infants

53 Inches Adventure World Map Pattern Baby Crawling Mats Game Blanket Floor Playmats Kids Infant Child Activity Round Rug


Perhaps you have a little one on the way and are trying to decide how you should decorate their bedroom. Well, why not go with a travel themed baby room, of course! Get this adorable world map playmat for your bouncing baby and get their love of travel started early!


Price: $32.99


18. Wood Adventure Cutout

Wood Adventure Cutout Sign Made of Birch Plywood Stained Gray. Entryway Table Decor


Sometimes all you need is one word which says everything. Grab this cute wood cut out with the most important word every, “Adventure” and decorate any bookshelf or hang it above any door or anywhere else where everyone will see it!


Price: $19.99


19. Scratch Off World Map with States and Flags

Scratch Off Map of The World with States and Flags. Black Travel Tracker Map 17×24


What a fun way for you or kids to keep track of your travels than by scratching off any country you’ve been to, along with its flag or perhaps to scratch off the states of the United States you’ve visited! Display this map proudly where all can see and it will surely be a conversation starter at any house party!


Price: $28.79


20. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See…Ranked

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See… Ranked


Inspire any guests to your home with Lonely Planet’s top 500 places to see by displaying this amazing travel book on any coffee table! Check off the places you’ve been and let your guests flip through the book, sure to inspire some great conversations about your travels both past and future!


Price: $16.62


21. Personalized Travel Fund Shadow Box

Personalized Adventure Fund Shadowbox – Fund Box


If you’re anything like me, you need to physically see your savings to actually be effective at saving money! Grab this personalized shadow box to help keep you motivated to save money for your next adventure without feeling guilty throwing in a few bucks here and a few bucks there! By the time of your trip, you’ll feel proud of your accomplishment!


Price: $44.95


22. Vintage Suitcase Wall Shelf

MCS 45886 Vintage Suitcase Wall Shelf in Distressed Cream Finish with Aqua Accent, 24MCS Vintage Suitcase Wall Shelf in Distressed Aqua Finish with Cream Accent, 36″MCS Vintage Suitcase Wall Shelf in Deep Aqua Finish, 18″

Spice up any room with these individual vintage suitcase wall shelves by zig zagging one from the other, add some blooms and your favorite travel books, and really showcase your love of all things travels!


Price: $46.99, $54.99, $31.99


23. Vinyl Record Player Vintage Suitcase Turntable

Portable Vinyl Suitcase Turntable Player Record LP, Bluetooth,USB/SD Play,Built-in Speakers


Have a collection of records you love to groove to? Why not play them on this vinyl recorder player, or take it with you to any party or perhaps a picnic and jam out!


Price: $64.99


24. Telescope and Globe Book Ends

Telescope and Globe Bookends Pirate Old World Nautical Books Holder

Add some old world charm to your bookshelves with these antique looking book ends with a globe and telescope, with a flair of a pirates life!


Price: $37.99


25. World Map Table Runner


Vintage World Map Long Table Runner


Class up any dining room table or living room table with this vintage world map table runner, a unique travel home decor option for showcasing your love of world travel!


Price: $22.39


26. Urban Tripod Compass Clock Table

Metal Round Clock Coffee & End Table


Grab this statement piece to spark conversation in any living room next to your sofa or armchair, not only to tell you the time but give you directions in life!


Price: $108.55


27. Metal Compass Wall Decor

Metal Compass Wall Décor


A great piece of home decor for either inside your home as a wall statement piece or outside of your home to let all your neighbors know you’ll go wherever the wind may blow!


Price: $34.48


28. Not All Who Wander Are Lost Compass Wall Decal

Compass “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” Decal Sticker


Want a two for one travel inspired wall decal? A compass and the most beloved travel motto in one, this compass wall decal will add a bit of direction to any room!


Price: $14.99


29. USA Scratch Off Map

Scratch Off Map of the United States – US map with National Parks, Capitals, Peaks and Highways

Perhaps you don’t see yourself ever leaving the US, but plan to visit as many states as possible, so what better way to keep track of the states you’ve visited than by scratching off each state!


Price: $17.99


30. Duvet Cover Passport Immigration Stamp

Duvet Cover Set Twin Size Passport Stamp International Arrivals Sign Bedding Set Cover


As if the other bedding covers weren’t awesome enough, all travelers are always proud when they can count the stamps in their passport books, but why not display is for all to see every day with this amazing bed spread!


Price: $89.90 – $109.90


31. Custom Destination Directional Sign


Single (1) Directional Signs Tiki Fairy Tale Destination-Directional Sign Custom Tiki Arrows Road Sign


Pick from 1 – 9 directional signs with this custom made tiki arrows sign and use it as home decor or as a backyard decoration for a beach party to show off your favorite destinations and how far from your location!


Price: $17.50 – $157.50


32. Paris Inspired Ottoman / Footrest

Storage Ottoman Cube/Footrest Stool/Puppy Step, Paris Eiffel Tower Script Pattern


Put up your feet after a long journey with this Paris, Eiffel Tower footrest and use it as extra storage!




33. Home & Garden Suitcase Side Table

Home & Garden Devon Suitcase Side Table


Extend your love of travel to your backyard terrace with this suitcase side table and decorate it with some potted flowers or use it as a side table in your living room!


Price: $119.97


34. Storage Trunk Set with Rose Gold Handles

Beautify Cream Vintage Style Steel Metal Storage Trunk Set Lockable and Decorative with Rose Gold Handles

You can never have enough suitcases and storage trunks in your house to store your belongs or add some vintage travel decor! You never know when you may need to pack up and go! Rose gold handles is always an added charm!


Price: $89.99


35. Paris Eiffel Tower Wine Rack

Black Iron Eiffel Tower Paris France w 6 Bottle Wine Rack


Though I found mine at the World Market, I’m happy to report that you can also find this amazing Eiffel Tower wine rack, for the true wine aficionado and Francophile! Set it in a corner or next to a bookshelf and show off you love of both Paris and wine!


Price: $36.77


36. Vintage Airport Code Drink Coasters

Vintage Airport Code Luggage Tag Drink Coaster Set


Last thing you want on your beautiful suitcase side table are drink stains, so why not add some color with these vintage airport code drink coasters!


Price: $20.00


37. Airplane Wine Bottle Holder

Beautiful Airplane Wine Bottle Holder With Corkscrew, Stainless Steel


A beautiful statement piece for any bookshelf or counter to display one’s love of flight and wine than this wine bottle holder!


Price: $59.99


38. Nautical Wooden Ship Wheel Clock

Wood Ships Wheel Clock Unique Country Home Decor


Not all travel should be done by plane, and what an awesome way to keep track of time than with this ship wheel clock to inspire you to hit the open seas!


Price: $85.80


39. Airplane Statuary

Up in the Air Plane Statuary – Metal Airplane Figurine Statue – Vintage Aviation Decor Accessories


A fabulous mantle piece for one’s love of airplanes and travel to decorate any room!


Price: $34.75


40. Old World Map Lamp

Travel – Old World Map Sport Silver Lamp


What could be more cozy than snuggling up on a sofa next to this beautiful old world map lamp to read a book or enjoy watching a TV show? Not much else!


Price: $52.99


41. World Map Trash Can

Wastebasket Trash Can for Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Office Recycling Garbage Bin


What better way to focus on reducing waste and plastic to help protect the earth than by investing in this world map trash can to remind you every time you throw something away to stay aware of what you throw away!


Price: $24.99


42. World Map Serving Tray

Serving Tray With Handles, Plate For Serving Food and Drink


Ever wanted breakfast in bed or need a tray to bring our refreshing drinks to your guests? Why not ooooh them with this chic world map serving tray!


Price: $48.95


43. Departure Destinations Personalized Wall Art

Personalized Custom Wedding Departure Airport Travel Board ALL SIZES


Order one of these adorable Departure Destination Travel Boards either for a travel themed engagement party or wedding and later use it to decorate your home, or simply put in your favorite travel destinations!


Price: $9.99


44. World Travel Sights Tourism Bathroom Mat

Bath Rugs Outdoor/Indoor Door Mat Vintage World Travel and Sights Tourism Bathroom Decor


Get ready every morning excited for a future trip or always be reminded of some of the world’s most iconic monuments and your favorite travel destinations while you either get ready in the morning! Or perhaps put it in your kitchen or near a entry way door!

Price: $16.98


45. World Wall Clock

Wall Wood Clock World Map


My, Oh My! What a fun wall clock to display you love of world travel!? A fabulous idea: Buy multiple and set them all to the time zones of your favorite countries!


Price: $24.99


46. World Map 5 Countries Wall Clock

Wall Clock Acrylic Wood DIY 3D World Map Wallclock 5 Countries, Black


Always wondering what time it is in your favorite country or have friends and family all over the world and wondering if they’re awake or not? Why not get this fabulous wall clock and always keep track of time!


Price: $126.00


47. Airplane Bottle Opener

Pack of 12 Airplane Bottle Opener Gift Box Air Plane Travel Beer Bottle Opener

What a fun way to pop a top than by cracking open the bottle open with these fun airplane bottle openers! Use them as a party favor or have one in every room of the house, just to be prepared!


Price: $18.99


48. World Map Area Rug

Custom World Map Area Rug


Nothing says love of world travel like a huge display of a world map with this colorful watercolor living room rug!


Price: $69.99


49. Old World Map Room Divider

Old World Map Room Divider Screen 4 Panel Wooden Frame


Quite possibly the most awesome living room decor is this old fashioned world map divider!


Price: $175.00


50. 2 in 1 World Globe LED Lights

2-in-1 World Globe LED Lamp w/ Day & Night Modes, Light Up Cities and Countries


What a fun way to fall in love with world travel and maps than by grabbing this glow in the dark globe which lights up the cities of the world! You no longer have to wait for a flight over a big city to see the twinkling lights!


Price: $59.00


Now, you probably don’t want to grab one of everything unless you’re totally OBSESSED with world travel like I am! Many of these items I do have for our home while others are on my waiting list once we move into a new, larger apartment! All these items give me the butterflies, that exciting feeling of looking forward to future vacation plans and remind me to never stop traveling! Though I also have to admit, I am a big map nerd and have maps plastered all over my living room and I can honestly say it’s always a conversation starter and sharing our love of travel with others is always a fun way to encourage others to travel the world! So, I hope that these 50 home decor items help you to decorate your home! 

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50 Travel Themed Home Decor Idea | Travel Decorations | TravelHome Decor | Wanderlust Decor | Wanderlust Decorations | How to incorporate tarvel into your home | World Travel decor | Travel Decor for Bedroom | Themed Room Decorating Ideas | Rustic Travel Decor | Chic Travel Decor - California Globetrotter


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  1. So many cute ideas here! Rob has that airplane statuette in his office, but those airport code coasters would be perfect for get-togethers. We’re going to have to get a few of these, in fact. 🙂 Which is a problem, since we’re trying NOT to buy more stuff! 😉

  2. I like the look of the scratch off world map. what a fun way to mark the various places that you’ve been. We should probably have world maps in our house – all four of us are a bit map obsessed! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas on #FarawayFiles

  3. Some great ideas here, I like the ticket stub holder.

    We’ve got a travel memories board in our kitchen, it’s full of business cards, tickets and beer mats. We’ve just love reminiscing about the places we’ve been to. #farawayfiles

  4. So many fun travel inspired gifts. I’m always fascinated by the scratch off maps. I think they are so cool but then I don’t know if I would actually do it, lol. I also love the Eiffel Tower wine rack… if I were a wine drinker. Maybe my mom needs that. 😉

  5. Wow, Lori, you really searched high and low – can’t imagine how long this took you! There are some great finds here – I especially love the doormat and the scratch off maps. It’s funny I don’t have my house decorated with too much travel themed decor – but I absolutely LOVE my globes! #farawayfiles

  6. What a lot of fun ideas! My favorites are the vintage suitcases and shelves and the shower curtain. This is quite a list to put together and a great idea for a post!

  7. This is quite a list! I recently created my own map wall, and have a few pillows here and there, but mostly I keep to holiday ornaments and magnets, so as not to overwhelm the house with my travel obsession. ? #farawayfiles

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