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IMG_1075Traveling has been my greatest teacher. I have learned more through traveling & researching than I ever did in a classroom! Traveling has brought to life the history we read about in books and watch in the movies. It has awoken my historical imagination as I walk through a new historic city center & I imagine what life must have been like to build that massive cathedral brick by brick or building that bridge over rushing waters. I always imagine people in the olden days before technology pushing wooden carts, selling their goods reminding me of the little village Belle from Beauty & the Beast walks through.

I know I still have so much to learn about this beautiful world we call our home. I can read about it in books as much as I would like, but I would rather learn it for myself through my own experiences!

1. We are all the same & want the same things

2. The world is much much larger than my ocean front property

3. It’s important to always check local news of where you are traveling before getting there!

4. Walking through a city is the best way to truly experience it

5. You really need to research ay tours you might do beforehand to make sure you will get what you want out of it!

6. Wheels were added to suitcases so that we could over pack, but you really shouldn’t!

7. No matter how far away from home you move & how different your lives becomes, home will always stay the same.

8. Sleep with your valuables in a purse or backpack as a pillow on over night trains

9. Trying to speak the language of the country you’re in, even if its a simple “Hello”, “Thank You” or “Goodbye” will get you much farther than not attempting to speak it.

10. Postcards and stickers make great souvenirs to scrapbook later!

11. Everyone loves a shot glass from somewhere exciting as a gift!

12. No matter the size, boats are always fun and offer some of the best views

Cinque Terre, Italy - california Globetrotter

13. Write, journal, blog or scrapbook your journeys now & you will be glad you did later!

14. Investing in a comfortable pair of sandals is a must for walking everywhere!

15. The world is also more closely connected than you think!

16. Climb every stair you can and you will be rewarded with breathtaking views!

Innsbruck, Austria - California Globetrotter

17. Follow the tipping procedures in whichever country you are visiting!

18. Always say NO to people who come up to you and try to sell you things, especially in Paris!!

19. Spicy has different meanings in different countries. Germany rarely does good spicy food!

20. Life is a party, so celebrate!

21. You will feel more connected to where you live if you celebrate & experience traditional & cultural events like a local

22. Always bring snacks for on planes, trains & buses

23. Don’t graffiti on important monuments. It only damages them & takes away from its beauty

24. Love Locks are not a good way of showing your love. It only damages & weighs down the bridges. Don’t do it!


25. Not all those who wander are lost. Sometimes you can ever find yourself! I did!

26. Home is wherever you make it!

27. When you miss home, its only a Skype chat away!

28. Your family & friends will be as excited about your travels!

29. Drinking with the locals is always bound to be the best fun!

30. Traveling is not a trip or a vacation. It’s a second way of life!

31. Over-planning kills the magic. Try to just go with the flow!

32. You will learn more about yourself & your capabilities traveling than you ever will behind a desk!

33. We travel so that life doesn’t slip away from us


34. It removes you from your comfort zone

35. It breaks down stereotypical beliefs we have of each other

36. Read books that take place where you are traveling to so as to bring your vacation to life!

37. Keep in contact with your parents as often as possible so they know you’re ok!

38. Always bring a deck of cards with you on long journeys!

39. Sometimes the people around you wont understand your journey. Don’t worry though, its not for them!

40. Guard your passport with your life! And take care of it! If it gets ruined, you could be prevented from traveling until replaced!

41. When a place say no pictures, they mean it. They would rather you buy the postcard!

42. Your GPS wont get you everywhere! Learn to read a map!


43. If traveling were, free, you’d never see me again.

44. We all get lonely & homesick even while traveling or living abroad

45. A day spent laying on the beach is a day well spent!

46. It is even more magical to come home and rest your head on your old familiar pillow!

47. It is just as important to explore your own city as it is another

48. You can never fully know a city until you use the local transportation system

49. Life is an adventure. Take risks! But not too risky!

50. It will turn you into a story teller!

11 Reasons Why You Should Travel - California Globetrotter 

51. Order the daily special on the menu. It’s usually the best!

52. You will start to recognize different languages being spoken

53. At the end of your journey, it is best measured in friends than in miles

54. Check out the local laws. For example, while Germany may not have speed limits i some areas, there are still many restrictions on the autobahn.

55. It is better to see something for yourself than to hear about it a million times or read it in a book

56. You will constantly leave a part of you behind in every country you visit

57. Party like a local

58. Traveling makes you fearless

59. Trust your instincts. They’re usually right!

60. Talking with other passengers will pass the time more quickly

61. You will learn more about the country by talking to a local than you will in a book or online

62. Respect your elders. They can out drink you!

63. Ask before you take pictures! Generally, they love to have their pictures taken, but they want you to have their approval first. My friend was once yelled at by a Bavarian in full Lederhosen because she took his picture without asking.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany - California Globetrotter

64. Try everything!

65. Take the time to watch every sunset. They are never the same.

66. Try to understand those with different beliefs and learn their story

67. Not everyone speaks English!

68. Don’t be a rude American tourist and climb all over monuments just to get a picture

69. Everyone, no matter where they are from all want that ONE “touristy” picture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben

London: The City That Keeps Calling - California Globetrotter 

70. Take your time while traveling! It will still be there the next time you come back

71. You will make lots of friends & add them on Facebook, but probably wont talk to them again, but you will always have that connection.

72. There are no mistakes.

73. Never drink the water anywhere where it doesn’t look clean. Don’t eat food that has also been cooked in water either!

74. Don’t panic if you get lost. Usually you will find something amazing around every corner!

75. You learn new cuisines to try to cook at home

76. Eventually you will start to understand other cultures

77. Over time, you will have your traveling necessities packed to perfection

78. Selfie-Sticks are overrated

79. Locals love that you have taken your time to check out their home.

80. There is still so much to see, so much to learn and life is so valuable. Its better to live it now because you never know what will happen tomorrow.


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