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California Globetrotter’s goal is to provide you, my dear reader, with useful tips and information for traveling in Germany as well as the rest of Europe. I also aim to share my expat experiences of living among the Germans (and the Bavarians) and how different life is abroad. If you’re thinking about moving abroad, I gotcha covered! If you’re looking for vacation inspiration, I’ll show you where! If you’re looking for some travel tips, I’ll help ya out!

Hi there! Guten Tag! My name is Lorelei and I have an unhealthy addiction to travel. I know this, because my mind is always elsewhere, daydreaming about future trips to far off places, always looking for the next getaway! In 2012, I quit my job, bought a one way ticket to teach English abroad in Germany. I gave myself a 1 year minimum and no more than 5 years in Germany.

I lived in Germany for nearly 12 years before returning to the US in 2024. I’ve improved my German, snagged me a pretty snazzy German husband and travel as much as affordably possible! We love incorporating food from all of our travels into our daily lives, embracing the spice of life to the fullest extent!

I’ve lived in the ridiculously beautiful, pinch-me-I-can’t-believe-I-live-here Regensburg, Germany and love it every day. I love strolling along the Danube River, admiring the Stone Bridge and the Medieval City Center and massive St. Peter’s Cathedral.

I believe in a healthy dose of tea daily, preferably an afternoon tea, but I’ll easily settle for a cold beer at a lovely biergarten shaded by some large oak trees on a cool summer evening beneath the twinkling colored lights or perhaps a glass of wine overlooking a stunning vineyard!

I love visiting and discovering the hidden gems of Europe and sharing them with you. I love to get off the well beaten path and visit the lesser known towns in Europe, because suffice it to say, I’m not a fan of hordes of people getting in the way of my picture! Plus, these are the towns I’d kill to live in!

During my time living in Germany, I underwent a massive personal transformation, physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and downright want to save the world and be a better citizen. So, we try to travel responsibly, affordably and try to grow every day in our awareness of how we are making a difference.

Everywhere I go, I go with my laid back California mentality, go with the flow and see what happens. We are not professional travelers, nor are we full-time travelers. We travel on weekends and holidays, often extending our trips into long road trips, and exploring some of the lesser known areas of Germany and Europe that are the most romantic to visit!

Being an expat can be both incredibly thrilling and yet full of homesickness, and I occasionally share my expat experiences, both personal and tips to help you out, before and during your time abroad!

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and no city.” – Roman Payne

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Replies to About LOLO

  1. Good morning Lori! I’m the editor at Young Germany, and I’m doing some profiles of international couples this year. I couldn’t find an email address or contact on the site, so I thought I’d leave you a comment. If that sounds interesting, please give me an email as soon as you can! Looking forward to it. Cheers. x

      1. I live in Italy, in Milan. I haven’t been to Germany yet, but hopefully soon! I have lived all over San Diego! I went to school in the University City area, and graduated from UCSD. How about you?

  2. Hi, I just found your blog. I too am a Lorri (but with 2 r’s) and was called Lolo growing up by my cousins. Love to travel and especially adore Germany! Nice to find you.

  3. I’m your latest reader – love the website and the tips on Germany 😉 I’m in Berlin and loving it here. What did you do in Okinawa? Can’t find anything on your site other than that you lived there. Were you a JET? 🙂

  4. Just discovered your blog. I lived in Germany for 3 years while my husband was serving in the army and now he is a DOD civilian. We are ****hoping***** we can be moving back there sometime, as a civilian family. If everything works, we now we have two little girls to come along for the ride. 🙂 I miss the adventure. There are ups and downs of course but now that I’ve been there I have the itch and I want to continue!

  5. I just found your blog and I’m so excited to read about all your adventures! I’m a mom of 2 married to a military guy. Our daughter was born in Okinawa (our first duty station) and we moved back to the states and then just recently (like last month!!) got stationed in Germany! Which is how I found your blog, the post about Leutasch. I saved it and told my husband we are going as soon as the weather is warmer. You are adorable, and thank you for posting all these fun things I can now read about and do as well!!

  6. Hey lolo….
    Read ur blog n loved it so much…
    Im from India and travelled Germany 6 month back and u knw what its still so fresh in my mind…i totally want to revisit soon…

  7. So envious. Both sides of my family are originally from Germany and I have so wanted to explore there’s, but never had the opportunity.

  8. I am German married to an American. We were stationed in Germany for 15 years before going to the States 15 months ago. Still very homesick…

  9. Hi Lori, a friend of mine shared something on FB from your blog, the “19 Reasons one will never be the same after living in Germany”. It was so fun to read and so true. I love to read when people of other nationalities find the real spirit of living in Germany. I myself am German married to an American (US Army retiree). I am so happy to see you mention my hometown of Wuerzburg. I work with some young Americans who get to travel quite a bit and I always love hearing about their adventures, especially when they travel to Europe. I miss it, sometimes more, sometimes less. I was just in Wuerzburg last year October 2015. By the way, we live in Washington State, which is also a beautiful state here in the US. it is difficult when the heart is in so many places…Anyways, great blog and have fun and safe travels! Thank you!

  10. Hi Lori. I am an American living near to Regensburg too. Been here for 20 plus years now. From Mass/Florida. Have you ever heard of Internations and if so, ever joined into their Meetings? It is really a good source for ExPatriots from all around the world. I am not working for them or anything but I think it is a great Group. I really like your blog, have been following for a while. You inspire me to get more travelling done (though I do enough already, my husband and Kids would say). I would also like to enter the Blogging world but with the 101 other “plans” I have, hasnt made it to the top of my list yet. Anyway, Keep up the great work and maybe we will meet up one day around Regensburg. Ciao-4-now, Alison

      1. oh you don’t have to pay. you can join without paying. I would recommend it, that is exactly why I joined and I have met a really nice Group of people there. I am even in an english book Club now. They also have other Groups like travel and Museum/cultural Groups as well. Maybe see you around.

  11. Hello, Lolo! 🙂 I am Ioana and soon I will be in Germany, Munich with a job. I am so excited about that! Glad to find your blog! You are a very pretty and brave woman!

  12. So happy to see another strong, independent American woman! I came here five years ago and have since lived in Schweinfurt, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, and now Stuttgart. I’ve traveled more in my five years than my German boyfriend has in thirty (lol). I’m enjoying reading your blog and looking forward to more.

    1. I feel the same! My fiancé didn’t travel much before we met, and in the last 3 years we have traveled more than in his entire 30 years too haha Thanks for stopping by! So glad you enjoy my site!! ?

  13. Hi,
    I participated in the weeklypostcard link up this week, but unfortunately, the badge 1) does not show up in the mobile view and 2) is quite small in the desktop view. Do you know what I have done wrong here? I added the html code.

    Kind regards,

  14. I just found your blog on Pinterest and I have been reading it all night! I love how your travel posts are step by step guides which makes it so easy to plan for myself. I have copied down all of our trips, especially Belgium, and started planning our vacations! We are expats from the US who just moved to Zurich so I find your blog hilarious and very relateable. (I also found that I need to use less saracasm here.) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Don’t change your personality just because you moved to Zurich. I did that and then I realized I had become the quiet listener and no one knew the real me! Now I’m back to my old self with a don’t care attitude! Glad to have you follow along!

  15. Hello from an American expat that recently moved to Germany! I’m from the east coast though, Atlanta! Enjoying your blog, wanted to comment because I actually have that Roman Payne quote tattooed on me!

  16. Hi! Just sending a quick THANK YOU for including Mint Julep Tours in your post about Jack Daniel Distillery. We’re new to Nashville and mentions like this are HUGE for us. You rock! If you’re ever back in the region and want to do on of our public tours, let me know!

  17. I love your post. So much good information. Do you instagram account. I started a blog this summer as I wanted a journal of my 3 month adventure. You are an inspiration tossed in with a great sense of humor! That’s how I want my readers to feel! I look forward to reading more of your exciting adventures. I’m a fan!

  18. Your site has been helpful in my search for specifics re the Harz Mountains, specifically for Walpurgisnacht 2022. Based in NYC, also lived in California and Florida. I photograph (and have written about) folklore and festivals—well-travelled but work full-time. Wondering about upcoming April prospects with Covid hanging over us all. Makes travel planning weird and uncertain. Thanks in advance for any response.

  19. Found your site on Pintrest. I am in Germany 10-12 weeks a year for over 20 years. I have been to many of the places on your blog and I have really enjoyed reading about them here! So, genau!

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