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While on our Croatia road trip back in 2015, we made sure to stop at the capital of Slovenia for a day, Ljubljana! The name itself sounds intimidating, but once you learn how its pronounces, its as easy and friendly as the country itself! (Pronounced: Lub-lee-yana).

Ljubljana is one of the most hip, up and coming new destinations to visit in Europe that is mostly overlooked by the hordes of tourists. It is often said that this city ranks among the perfect mid-sized European cities and has all of the comforts of being a big city while still maintaining it’s small town charm and friendliness. Slovenia became the first former Communist country to join the Eurozone in 2007 and has since seen a slight increase in tourism.

Having previously visited and fallen in love with it, we decided to make it the the first stop on our honeymoon for the night. This gave us the chance to explore just a bit more than our first visit. Our second glance was just as fabulous as the first!

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A Quick City Guide to Ljubljana, Slovenia - California Globetrotter

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Things to do in Ljubljana

Admire the “Pink Church”

The first port of call was the iconic pink church, also known as “Franciscan Church of the Annunciation” which can be found in the main square called Prešernov trg (Prešernov Square). Inside, the church is decorated with early-Baroque frescos while the outside is designed in the early 17th century Baroque style.


Eat Yummy Ice Cream & Walk Across the Triple Bridge

Directly in front of the church is the main square where you can find people enjoying an ice cream or sitting on the steps of the cathedral or around the statue of the Slovene national poet France Prešernov. There you can find the famous Triple Bridge which is a group of three individually unique bridges clustered together connecting two parts of downtown Ljubljana together. Originally, there was only one bridge but in order to prevent the bridge from becoming too overcrowded, two smaller bridges were added in 1932 for pedestrians and bikers which the locals now called the “Little Venice of Ljubljana” which is today the one of most popular sights to see in Ljubljana!

Take a Boat Ride

When strolling along the banks of the Lubljanica river, you can find several different boat docks where you can purchase a ticket for a boat tour down the river. We found one for 5 € each for a 30 minute guided tour. The river is a continuation of several rivers that flow through Slovenia so the river is said to have seven names  starting with the Ljublanica to Trbuhovica, Obrh, Strzen, Rak, Pivka and finally Unica.

Hang Out with Dragons

While on the boat tour, the boats sail to another famous bridge called the “Dragon Bridge”, so called because of the dragons lining the entire bridge. All four corners are lined with massive dragons while in the middle are lamp posts with smaller dragons. The bridge opened in 1901 and was dedicated to the Jubilee of Franz Josef I when Ljubljana was part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Since then the bridge has become iconic to Ljubljana and the dragon has become the symbol of Ljubljana. There is a legend that says that the town was founded by the Greek mythological hero Jason who killed a monster with the help of his Argonauts. Now referred to as a dragon, the image of a dragon can be found on the Ljubljana coat of arms.

Grab Something to Eat at the Market

Further along we passed the Ljubljana Central Market which stretches along the banks of the river from the Triple Bridge down to the Dragon Bridge. It was built between 1940 and 1942 in a Renaissance fashion. The side facing the river has large-semi circular windows while the street side of the market is dominated by colonnades. The market is open daily except for Sundays and sells anything from fish, dried fruits, bread and meats. Unfortunately, by the time we walked around Ljubljana it was already Saturday evening and the markets had closed up for the weekend.

Take a Peak Inside the Cathedral

Just around the corner from the Central Market, there is another massive church called the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, also known as the Ljubljana Cathedral, not far from the Fountain of Three Carniolan Rivers. It was originally a Gothic church before being converted into a Baroque cathedral in the 1700s. The cathedral’s green domes and twin towers dominate the skyline of Ljubljana. The doors to the cathedral were replaced with monumental bronze versions before Pope John Paul II visited in 1996.

City Guide: Ljubljana, Slovenia - California Globetrotter

Gaze Upon Traditional Slovene Attire

While wandering around this cathedral, we ran into an elderly couple who were dressed in traditional Slovene clothing. Immediately, they were swarmed by a group of Asian tourists snapping up pictures of the couple. One man excitedly asked me to take a picture of him with the couple before running to the couple. Hans was nice enough to wait and ask if we could take a picture of them which they willingly let us do. Like in Bavaria, Slovene folk costumes vary depending on the regions where the people come from. In Slovenia, they can be characterized by Mediterranean, Alpine or Pannonian.

Visit the Ljubljana Castle

Perched high upon Castle Hill is the Ljubljana Castle which was originally built as a fortress sometime in the 11th century. It dominates the Ljubljana skyline and can be seen from everywhere! We could even see it from our hotel on the 8th floor! You can reach the castle by taking a funicular up to the castle which can be found near the Central Market. Ljubljana has always imagined having some sort of funicular up to the castle since 1897 but it wouldn’t be accomplished until 2006! It takes only a minute to reach the castle!

Eat a Ljubljana Schnitzel with Beer!

Instead, we settled down along the Ljubljanica river for dinner. If you’re wondering where to eat in Ljubljana, anywhere along the river is very lively with music, bands, bars and restaurants. We sat directly across from the Central Market. We enjoyed traditional Slovenian beer and I tried the Ljubljana Schnitzel which was stuffed with bacon and egg. Definitely different from any schnitzel I have ever had, but it was definitely good!

Watch a Golden Sunset

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up before going for an evening stroll around the town. From our hotel we watched the most awesome sunset ever with clouds forming a heart backed by a gorgeous yellow golden sunset. Check out more of my Best Travel Sunsets!

Enjoy the Blue Hour Sunset

Finally, we headed back out since it was evening and we had the perfect “Blue Hour” lighting. This is a new term for me as it is for photography. Apparently, it is mostly the hour after sunset and before sunrise which offers the best lighting.

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I wish we could have stayed longer in Ljubljana…again as there are so many things to do in Slovenia’s capital such as enjoying a Graffiti tour to explore Ljubljana’s Street Art scene. 

Things to do or know before going to Ljubljana!

  • The tourist boat departs from the Ribji trg pier near the Triple Bridge.
  • The boat tours run from April 1st-October 31st
  • The castle and funicular are open from:
    January, February, March and November – from 10 am to 8 pm
    April, May and October – from 9 am to 9 pm
    June, July, August and September – from 9 am to 11 pm
    December – from 10 am to 10 pm
  • For the Funicular: Adults – 10€, Children 7€
  • For the Castle: Adults – 7,50€, Students/Seniors/Children – 5,20€
  • For more information on the castle click here.
  • For a great hotel in the heart of the city center, stay at the incredibly comfortable and modern City Hotel Ljubljana ⭐⭐⭐, just 300 meters from the main square!


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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I might make a little extra spending money, at no extra cost to you. As always, all opinions are my own and these products/services have been found useful during our travels and come highly recommended to you from yours truly!

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  1. So cool that you got to meet a photographer like that! My favorite time to visit the city center is at night actually! Thanks for this tips!

  2. I need to get over there…..I live relatively close….and I love that part of the world….(my father is from Rijeka) – – – love slovenia, croatia….that whole area…

  3. Thanks for explaining how to pronounce Ljubljana! My son would love the Dragon Bridge and I think I would most definitely like to try the Ljubljana schnitzel. It looks delicious. My interest in Slovenia is definitely piqued now! Thanks for linking on #MondayEscapes

  4. I would love to visit Slovenia, and hopefully in the near future before it gets swamped by tourists! Love your pictures, Ljubljana looks picturesque. Thanks for sharing 🙂 #MondayEscapes

  5. Ljubljana and all of Slovenia are our new favorites! Such a great city with amazing pizza! And the gelato at Vigo is to die for. We also went up into the mtns and it was stunning. Truly an undiscovered country.

  6. I’m really keen to visit Ljubljana (that took me a while to spell it properly!) It sounds so manageable on foot and I do love a good city boat ride. A beer and a bacon & egg filled schnitzel sounds fab!
    Will have to try out that blue hour too – good tip!

  7. I visited Ljubljana almost a decade ago on a work trip and knew nothing about it at the time. It’s beauty surprised me, was great exploring a place with no preconceptions. Glad to see you enjoyed it there! #citytripping

  8. The cathedral is just stunning inside and outside. Ljubljana is firmly on my travel list. It definitely ticks a lot of boxes in terms of size and sights. Now I know how to say it too (although still have trouble spelling it! Thanks for linking #citytripping

  9. As always, spectacular photos! Ljubljana looks like my favourite parts of Europe – all historic buildings, quaint streets and lovely people! And the schnitzel doesn’t hurt either. #citytripping

  10. I went in Feb this year and loved it. I did the Plecnik walking tour which was brilliant. It was just me and the guide so a very personal service! Nice post. Wilbur #citytripping

  11. Lovely photos as always, and so much awesome history and information, however, I admit that my favorite part of this post is that I finally know how to pronounce the name of this city!! #citytripping

  12. Ohhh an ahhh! I have a thing for small capital cities and that is the reason why I think I would love Ljubljana. Everything you have presented in here sounds fantastic. Boat rides and castles are right up in my alley. Didn’t know there is a market in town. #CityTripping

  13. such a pretty place and just my kind of visit. I love the pink church and the inside is gorgeous. I want to go!!! #wanderfulwednesday

  14. This post is perfect timing for me as I’m planning our Slovenia trip at the moment!! Love your tips, definitely pinning for future reference 🙂

  15. Those traditional costumes are so pretty!! I probably just would wander around town and take in the views all day – and eat all the food of course! Would never say no to ice-cream!!

  16. So many of these activities look right up my alley!! Bridges, ice cream, markets boats?! I’ve been wanting to visit ljubjana for a long time and every time I read about it, my wanderlust grows!

  17. Lubljana has it all! I do love a boat tour and those wooden ones look special. I’d just love to wander around this beautiful city. Loving your new pin style so therefore have double pinned! Thanks for joining #FarawayFiles

  18. We visited a few years ago and absolutely loved it. It’s such a great size for wandering around and I loved the café culture. I had the most incredible fish there too. I’d love to take a boat trip and take my kids hunting for dragons. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  19. The boat ride through the town reminded me of Venice! I’d love to do a tour around Slovenia and also Croatia at some point. This City looks full of charm, I love the costumes! #WanderfulWednesday

  20. I feel as if I knew this post already from all your amazing Instagram photos! Seriously, what a darling city! So much to do, so much charm to take in, must have been hard departing ;). #farawayfiles

  21. Managed most of these on our recent trip to Ljubljana, but I am sad to say I didn’t have a schnitzel! Ah well, maybe next time! #FarawayFiles

  22. I have been hearing so many great things about Slovenia, so I definitely want to visit. Ljubljana looks like such a beautiful city so definitely worth a few days to explore. I hope I can make it before it gets too popular. #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  23. I loved Ljubljana! Unfortunately, we only had one day there. You don’t need that much to see the city, but I wish I could have stayed there another day. Those restaurants were so good!

  24. We had a taste of Slovenia on a cruise last year visiting Koper and we loved it. This is a really informative post which we have pinned as we definitely would like to visit. Thanks for letting us know how it is pronounced too! #TheWeeklyPostcard

  25. I’ve heard so many good things about this city! The little pink church is so pretty, especially in that picture with the white bridge in the foreground. And I always love seeing people in traditional dress! How cool that some people still dress like that.

  26. Ljubljana seems like the kind of capital I would enjoy a lot, it’s so pretty! And it doesn’t look very touristy either, a bonus for me 😉

  27. Thank you ! I’d better read this post before going there because i’ve already gone there and the pink church waz really amazing ! Ice cream there is so tasty and it reminds me of Venice because they are similar. Unfortunately i didn’t visit the dragon monument. To be honest this city is so so so beautiful and calm people there are so nice and kind and also they always help tourists. What i loved a lot about ljubljana is the streets because they are full of cyclists wich i found so adorable and nice. I really advice everyone to visit this beautiful city ?

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