As we all know, I am a huge movie buff and love anything that has to do with traveling around Europe at any point in history. I love all types of films as long as they aren’t horror films! Romantic, Comedies, Historic, you name it, I will watch it! Before I go on vacation somewhere, I usually try to find a movie or read a book that takes place where I am going!

Here is my list of movies you should definitely check out before coming on a trip to Europe which includes both chick-flicks and action-flicks for those nights you and your special someone are looking for something to watch!

For the day, we drove down to Innsbruck, Austria. The river Inn flows through the city center therefore “Innsbruck” literally translates to “The bridge over the Inn”. Innsbruck is the capital of the Tyrol and is Austria’s most important tourist region. What makes Innsbruck special is that it is nestled into the Tyrolean Alps and during […]

If you’ve ever seen the Sound of Music, then you’ll likely want to visit Salzburg and frolic through the hills in the footsteps of Julie Andrews. As a fan myself, as a short weekend trip from Germany, Salzburg was a great city trip. But for those who plan to do a road trip through Austria, Salzburg is an easy day trip from Vienna and has many things to do!

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