When people search for the best beach destinations in Europe, they often think Italy or anywhere along the Mediterranean Sea. And while a trip to the French Riviera in France or the Almafi Coast or Cinque Terre in Italy sounds idyllic, there are other places to consider for a beach holiday in Europe. For example, there are a plethora of more affordable beach holidays in the Balkan countries such as Croatia and Montenegro. So let me introduce you to a collection of gorgeous seaside towns along the Adriatic Sea at a fraction of the price you might pay anywhere else in Europe.

When it comes to traveling and picking out a new destination to visit, I take many things into consideration. From, location, hotels, city center, activities and restaurants. When traveling, I always stop to think about the things to do on every holiday we go on, from making sure we can do a city walking tour, to visiting a library and most importantly, starting any sightseeing at the local city hall. WHY you ask!?

When considering a visit to Europe, some might become overwhelmed with the endless options when it comes to finding the best places to visit and the huge variety between countries. While hitting up Europe’s capital cities like London, Paris, Prague, or Rome, it’s always a great idea to include a few, smaller, picturesque towns, but finding these pretty little towns can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. So, I’ve gathered 50 small cities and cute towns in Europe that are just downright STUPID PRETTY!

We traded in Roman ruins, Venetian architecture, delicious pasta and gelato in Italy for a two week road trip through the Balkans visiting new, up & coming destinations as the mysterious veil over Eastern Europe is slowly disappearing. While we had wanted the romance of Tuscany and the Almafi coast, we decided that Italy is 1. Expensive. 2. Crowded 3. Typical for honeymooners. Don’t get me wrong, I have a serious love affair with Italy and I still want to go, but I found myself more intrigued by the lesser known. 

Guest Post by David from Travelsewhere When you travel to Europe, you kind of expect to find some unbelievably picturesque cities and towns. Places like Colmar, Hallstatt, Positano and the Cotswolds are well known for their overwhelming adorableness. But they’re among a much wider community than you might realize. Spread throughout Europe are charming little […]

When I first told family in 2015 we were trekking into Bosnia-Herzegovina for a day trip to Mostar, their eyes got wide and their first question was “Is it safe to visit Bosnia?” I don’t blame them for asking that. During the 90s, Bosnia-Herzegovina had a bad reputation for being one of the most dangerous places in the world and my parents likely watched images on the news of the horrors that took place here. Yet, despite their concerns, we did our research and went for it. And we wanted more.

Mention the name “Bosnia-Herzegovina” to many older adults and their first instinct is to react with horror and remember the gruesome images that flooded their TVs during the 90s from the Balkan War. I’ve seen the images myself and heard the stories and grew up under the impression the country still wasn’t safe. Well, it’s been 20+ years, and times have changed. The country is still just starting to blossom into an up & coming travel destination still very much off the travel mainstream but loaded with treasures waiting to be explored and I wanted to go!

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