While Venice might be the world’s most famous canal town, there are so many other places to visit in Europe which are equally as beautiful, graced by winding waterways, charming arched bridges and romantic canal boats casually streaming down river. Over 60,000 people descend on Venice every day, threatening its future. So, if you’ve ever dreamed about strolling through a romantic canal city but aren’t fond of the crowds, I’m here to share with you a collaboration of picturesque canal cities in Europe that aren’t Venice!

About an hour and half southwest of Copenhagen is Denmark’s third largest town, Odense, on the island of Funen. Not your typical tourist hot spot, especially amid a bitterly cold winter. While recently being a guest at the Langesø Castle, we drove into Odense to learn more about the area and one person in particular: Hans Christian Andersen.

Vor ein paar Wochen hatte ich die große Ehre Gast im Schloss Langesø zu sein, das an einem langen und schmalen See in Dänemark liegt, der dem wunderschönen Herrenhaus seinen Namen gab, welcher “langer See” auf Dänisch bedeutet. Als ich eingeladen wurde, hatte ich ehrlich gesagt noch nie von diesem Hotel gehört und nach einer schnellen Recherche über die Gegend wusste ich, dass ich das Angebot annehmen würde.

A few weeks ago, I had the honored privileged of being a guest at Langesø Castle, located next to a long and narrow lake in Denmark which gave its name to the lovely manor house meaning ‘long lake’ in Danish. When I was approached, I honestly had never heard of this hotel and with a quick research about the area, I quickly knew I would take up their offer. 

As we all know, I am a huge movie buff and love anything that has to do with traveling around Europe at any point in history. I love all types of films as long as they aren’t horror films! Romantic, Comedies, Historic, you name it, I will watch it! Before I go on vacation somewhere, I usually try to find a movie or read a book that takes place where I am going!

Here is my list of movies you should definitely check out before coming on a trip to Europe which includes both chick-flicks and action-flicks for those nights you and your special someone are looking for something to watch!

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