In celebration of our upcoming trip to London, England to visit friends and family, I got a little carried away looking for London inspired travel decor. There was a time in my life where I could have easily decorated my whole house in black and white with red accents in a London theme. England was the first country I had traveled outside of the US to when I was 14 and I became QUITE obsessed with London!

Vor ein paar Wochen hatte ich die große Ehre Gast im Schloss Langesø zu sein, das an einem langen und schmalen See in Dänemark liegt, der dem wunderschönen Herrenhaus seinen Namen gab, welcher “langer See” auf Dänisch bedeutet. Als ich eingeladen wurde, hatte ich ehrlich gesagt noch nie von diesem Hotel gehört und nach einer schnellen Recherche über die Gegend wusste ich, dass ich das Angebot annehmen würde.

A few weeks ago, I had the honored privileged of being a guest at Langesø Castle, located next to a long and narrow lake in Denmark which gave its name to the lovely manor house meaning ‘long lake’ in Danish. When I was approached, I honestly had never heard of this hotel and with a quick research about the area, I quickly knew I would take up their offer. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again over and over. Half the reason why we travel is for the food, BUT adding a glass of beer or wine or perhaps a night cap of whiskey can make the experience that much more delightful! It can even help you to understand and appreciate a […]

Most visitors to Nuremberg come for the beautiful historic city center loaded with bustling squares, canals and churches, the Kaiserburg castle perched on a hill overlooking the dog and most importantly, the Nuremberger sausages. Or they come for the greatest Christmas market in Germany! But not long ago, Nuremberg held a more sinister role in Germany’s […]

Guest Post by Sharon from Exploring Our World A visit to Schloss Ambras carries you back in time to the 16th century era of Imperial Austria in all its glory. This castle and palace complex occupies prime land on a hill overlooking the colorful town of Innsbruck. The regal castle is open to the public, […]

Surprisingly, as the largest cultural center in Western Flanders, Ghent has been easily overlooked by its more popular neighbor, Bruges for its charming canals and beautiful architecture. Originally coated in layers of grime from years of being an industrial center, but in the 1980s, the town underwent a restoration program which has resulted in the city emerging as one of the best kept secrets in Europe! Not only is it a true gem, but one of the most exciting places to visit in Belgium!

Guest post by Sara from Journey of Doing When I first started planning my study abroad semester, I had one destination in mind:  Paris.  Yet, as we reviewed the courses offered, I started to feel more deflated as I realized that my dreams of seeing the Eiffel Tower on my way to class and eating […]

Not far from Ghent, is the town of Aalst which is practically unheard of beyond Belgium, but within, it is renowned for having a yearly three-day, 600 year old Carnaval. Recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, this event deserves all the attention it can possibly muster as being a three day festival of debauchery! Plus, it might possibly be the best kept secret in Europe!

While the colorful city of Wroclaw has plenty of beautiful buildings, the most memorable and iconic attractions are not a cathedral or monument, but more a plethora of lovable gnomes. Being a lover of all things unique and adorable, when I first discovered that the city of Wroclaw has had a serious invasion of dwarfs, I knew I had to visit! What started out as a silent yet witty protest by an anti-communist group, has now turned into a kitschy tourist attraction for the city. And I’m not gonna lie, I was one of them who fell in love with the dwarfs! After all, how could I not?

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