Every year has its ups and its downs, the highlights and the negatives from which we grow and learn or we can’t wait to do again. When traveling, these positives and negatives can make or break a vacation. With each trip you book,  you learn something new for the next holiday. No matter how we […]

While on our road trip to Croatia, we made sure to stop at the capital of Slovenia for a day, Ljubljana! The name itself sounds intimidating, but once you learn how its pronounces, its as easy and friendly as the country itself! (Pronounced: Lub-lee-yana). Ljubljana is one of the most hip, up and coming new […]

Over the centuries, Lake Bled became a popular spa resort town with its healing climate and thermal lake water with breathtaking Alpine views. The thermal waters here are said to help relieve stress related illnesses such as exhaustion and age-related fatigue. Today, Lake Bled is the perfect afternoon day trip to stop and walk around […]

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