Every year has its ups and its downs, the highlights and the negatives from which we grow and learn or we can’t wait to do again. When traveling, these positives and negatives can make or break a vacation. With each trip you book,  you learn something new for the next holiday. No matter how we […]

Just a short distance further beyond Zaanse Schans is a small Dutch town called Alkmaar, which during the summer turns into a traditional cheese market, every Friday. This Dutch town keeps the tradition alive of carrying, weighing and selling loads of Gouda cheese. This special cheese weighing market has taken place every year from May until […]

One of the best parts about visiting the Netherlands is getting to explore beyond just Amsterdam and truly experience what it was like to live in a little Dutch settlement. Zaanse Schans is just a hop, skip and a jump away from all the hustle and bustle of the capital and offers so much more […]

It seems like it is becoming more popular to visit the #2 or #3 cities of a country instead of heading straight for the capital city which is over priced, over crowded and a tad too dirty. While Amsterdam is incredibly beautiful and should not be missed while traveling through Holland, it might be more […]

Every city in Europe is special and unique, offering glimpses into the past of that town’s history. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands has such special characteristics that truly make it one of a kind. The name “Amsterdam” actually derives from several floods in 1170 and 1173 on the Amstel river. After the floods, the […]

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