Moving abroad, out of your comfort zone can be both one of the most exhilarating and terrifying moments of your life, but it’s an experience I highly recommend to anyone looking to land on their own two feet. Going into the unknown, alone, to see what the world has to offer will challenge you […]

If you’re considering moving abroad, then you should probably prep yourself for the emotional roller coaster that comes with becoming an expat. You need to know what you’re in for before you make that final decision to book a one way ticket. If you’re about to read this blog, then you’ve probably already made that […]

Since moving to Germany 4 years ago, I continuously seem to have one main conversation whenever I meet someone new. It goes something like this: Friend/Student/Stranger: “Where are you from?” Me: “I’m from California” Friend/Student/Stranger: “WHY did you move to Germany?”

When you still live at home, surrounded by other fellow Americans and you see someone put Ranch on their pizza, apologize too many times or go for a long road trip, you think nothing of it. These are just some of the natural things we do in America. It’s part of our culture. But when […]

***Just a heads up: I don’t write sad posts nor do I like to think about writing such posts, but I have debated long and hard over this post about whether or not to share it. I’ve edited and re-edited, evaluated my feelings and continue to reevaluate my feelings. I think it’s a post many […]

After living in Germany now for almost 4 years, I thought it was time to compile some helpful hints and clarify some things for any future expats out there looking to move to Germany or for people in general hoping to travel here. There is a huge misconception about how Germans are viewed. Most have […]

After living in Germany now for almost four years, there are many things that I have learned or even adapted into my expat life. These adaptations make living in Germany much easier as now I look and sound like I belong here rather than just some American tourist.

Moving abroad to some far off country is the dream of a life time we all wish we could do. If you have made the decision to move abroad, then the hardest part has been accomplished. Therefore, let me be the first to say what an amazing experience it is to live somewhere new and […]

If you’re thinking about selling everything, packing up and moving your life abroad, please do allow me to be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve already made the hardest decision and let me just say now how amazing of an opportunity it is! At some point in life, we all want to move away either […]

Recently, I have seen an influx of warnings from the U.S. State Department for Americans traveling abroad to Europe this summer, encouraging tourists to proceed with caution in the wake of deadly terror attacks across parts of Europe. Therefore, I felt the need to express my feelings and experiences about living and traveling around Europe. Especially […]

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