Leaving is always easy once you have decided to leave. But once you have left, there will always be a piece of you that craves to go home again to the things you know, love and miss. You can try all you want to recreate home in your new home town by decorating your house […]

Once you decide to move to Germany, you will embark upon a great new adventure with a lot of unexpected changes around the bend! Once you settle down in Germany and form a routine, new habits will take shape and before you know it, you’re almost a completely different person. Here is a little list […]

1. Germans love a good rule. They have a strict adherence to following ALL rules and breaking these rules will definitely give you some serious looks of disapproval.
2. Many Germans like it when they see someone trying to speak German. But because they speak pretty good English, they’ll talk to you in English.

Every time I meet someone new, be it a German or a fellow expat, everyone always has the same questions and I always have the same answers. So I thought that I would write down some thoughts about the things I love about Germany and the things I miss from home. 1. What do I […]

I have been asked several times about information about Teaching English Abroad, especially in Germany since I made my dreams come true by moving to Germany in 2012 to teach English. I can only tell you the information I know from personal experience, so here you go:

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