Welcome to the first Travel Blogger Interview Series where once a month, I will put the spotlight back on my favorite travel bloggers!  Once a month, I want to start putting the spotlight on some of my favorite travel bloggers who inspire me to continue to travel the world and to be a better travel […]

Guest Post by David from Travelsewhere When you travel to Europe, you kind of expect to find some unbelievably picturesque cities and towns. Places like Colmar, Hallstatt, Positano and the Cotswolds are well known for their overwhelming adorableness. But they’re among a much wider community than you might realize. Spread throughout Europe are charming little […]

Guest post by James Meads from LiveWorkGermany   Driving in a foreign country can not only be incredibly intimidating but absolutely nerve-wrecking, especially if you don’t know what to expect. With Germany located in the center of Europe, surrounded by nine different countries all within easy reach, road trip possibilities are endless. Yet despite being […]

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