If ever there was one place in the world that embodied the spirit of Christmas, it would most definitely be Strasbourg, France. Historically known as the town which held the very first Christmas Market in 1570, making it the oldest market in Europe. Since 1570, the “Christkindelsmärik” (market of the Infant Jesus) has grown exponentially […]

Of all the festive Christmas markets that fill every town center in every major city throughout Europe, Nuremberg‘s Christkindlmarkt is one of the most famous, along with Frankfurt, Dortmund, Dresden & Stuttgart. If ever there were one market you just HAD to visit, this would be the one! Why you might ask? Well, before I […]

If there was one time of year you should come to Germany, winter would be it. Yes, it’s cold and often gloomy but with the approach of the Christmas season, comes the warmth of the holiday spirit and a warm cup of Glühwein surrounded by friends and family. Towns, villages and cities throughout Germany deck […]

Pictures are worth a million words. Sometimes you just need to see it instead of reading about it. I could sit here and describe how wonderful each and every place in Bavaria is, but why waste the time when pictures can tell you more than I ever could!?

Just a 30 minute drive from Regensburg by car or by train, there is a small quaint village set among rows and rows of hops fields that sits along the Abens River. This region is the largest region for growing hops so it is no surprise, that set in the center of town is the Kuchlbauer […]

Located in one of Southern Bavaria’s most stunning regions, not far from Munich, surrounded by mountain peaks patiently waiting for snow is Lake Tegernsee. Scattered around the lake are five small villages hugging the shoreline, each decked out in Christmas holiday spirit. Together, the five village’s Christmas markets form what is called Tegernsee Advent Magic loaded with Christmas stalls […]

After having lived in Heidelberg for a year while I studied abroad, I am continuously drawn back over and over again. It’s one of the most beautiful towns in Germany. During the Christmas season, the town comes alive with sections of the Christmas market spread out throughout the entire town. From the minute you step […]

Regensburg’s Christkindlmarkt is especially romantic. I’m so glad I get to call this place home! What makes Regensburg special is that there are 5 markets spread throughout the town. The main Christmas market snuggly wraps itself around the 500 year old Neupfarrkirche, with the cathedral dominating the skyline, over looking the markets and there are tons […]

One of the things that Germany is most famous for besides Oktoberfest are their beautiful Christmas markets. Every year on the last weekend of November, the Christmas markets spring up all over Germany and are open until the 24th of December. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, some of the Christmas markets will stay open longer. […]

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