The holidays are fast approaching and Black Friday is just around the corner! When you’re a budget traveler or always on the go, perhaps you don’t have the time, space or money to buy big and fancy Christmas gifts for friends who love to travel. That’s where stocking stuffer gifts for travelers comes in! They’re small, and affordable maknig it rewarding when you can find the perfect little gifts for the people who mean the most in your life!

Let’s admit it, if you’re a hardcore wanderluster with an insatiable hunger to explore every crevice of the world, your house probably looks something like mine. Not entirely furnished because you would rather spend your hard earned money on travel than decorating your house, except when it comes to decorating your love of all things maps, travel inspiration, travel souvenirs and more.

So, you have a bff who love, Love, LOVES to go on road trips at any given chance? Whether you’re looking for a bon voyage gift, useful travel gifts, stocking stuffers or even looking for ways to spice up your upcoming road trip, these are the best gifts for road-trippers and the most essential road trip gear! As someone is who literally ALWAYS ON THE ROAD, I’ve gathered up gifts divided up by the type of traveler, whether it be for first-time road trippers, the music-lover, the in case of emergency “better safe than sorry” friend and so much more! 

In celebration of our upcoming trip to London, England to visit friends and family, I got a little carried away looking for London inspired travel decor. There was a time in my life where I could have easily decorated my whole house in black and white with red accents in a London theme. England was the first country I had traveled outside of the US to when I was 14 and I became QUITE obsessed with London!

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, cafes, restaurants and bars are all likely decked out top to bottom in frilly heart confetti and red balloons and streamers while flower shops are gearing up for the biggest day in sales as husbands and boyfriends run to grab a bouquet of red roses to express their love. Love is certainly in the air! Ok, maybe not really here in Germany (sadly) but that doesn’t stop me from still getting excited that it’s the season of love! 

Have you visited Germany before or know someone who has fallen so head over heels in love with the country that you wished you could either live here or take it home with you? Well guess what, you can! If you loved the cuisine, you can bring home the recipes! If you loved the language, you can bring home funny books about the German language!

67 days until Christmas, but who’s counting, right? I know it’s only the beginning of November and we still have Thanksgiving to stuff our faces until we wobble over to the couch and watch a game of football. But, it’s never too early to start thinking about affordable gifts for those you appreciate the most, be it a friend, a lover or a family member, especially if they LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel! 

Men can often be the hardest to shop for during the holiday season and finding either what they need or what they want can be next to impossible. I know because I married a man who never ever shares what he wants or needs. That leaves me guessing what could he possibly need or want for our travels. 

The smell of a turkey in the oven, stuffing on the stove and a pumpkin pie sitting on the counter all blend into that one mouth-watering aroma all Americans look forward to every year. That is, if you have the goods. 

Thanksgiving is that beautiful time of year where we all come together to rejoice in another bountiful year, good health, best friends and a loving family. But sometimes, we’re not always home for the holidays and being gone during this time of year can make for some of the lowest points in the life of an expat.

So with an upcoming birthday, I was inspired to write this post to share with you some of my favorite past travel-related birthday gifts, which I hope will help you out one day when you’re lacking in inspiration. Ladies, when looking for the best damn birthday gift your friends and family could possibly give you, […]

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