Come warmer weather, fields of flowers and endless sunshine, the cows of the Alpine region frolic around the lush Alpine pastures, grazing to their heart’s content. The cows meander comfortably in the high altitudes with plenty of fresh air, nutritious grass and crisp evenings. Cows are not the only ones to be spoiled by the endless beauty of the Alps but also calves and goats! All over the region, thousands of cows from Germany, Austria and Switzerland spend their summers at the Alm.

Let’s be honest: I’m a total fairy tale dreamer and if I could, I would live in pretty castles in far off places. I’d wear pretty yellow dresses and when I sing, the animals would come to me. I’d have a fairy godmother and a magic carpet. Unfortunately, this is just a dream and I’m just an ordinary girl. However, visiting Schloss Neuschwanstein offers me the chance to feel like a princess for a day!

Munich, a village in comparison to Berlin, yet you can still feel the hustle and bustle of this ever growing Bavarian capital. Lederhosen and Suits make for an unlikely combination as the city is still deeply rooted in traditions while at the same time is a business powerhouse within the European economy. But there is sooo much to see and do beyond just coming for the world’s most famous beer festival, Oktoberfest. 

Regensburg really is the hidden gem of Bavaria and is actually quite often overlooked by visitors to Europe. As it was once the bustling empire of the entire Holy Roman Empire, it was one of the most important cities in Europe from 788 to 1806. Yet, it’s often overlooked for larger and more popular towns like Nuremberg or Munich but is one of the most scenic destinations in Bavaria!

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