All those images foreigners seem to associate with Germany can be found in eastern Bavaria, in the lush Alpine region. Romantic castles, dramatic Alpine settings, lush green pastures with cows, onion-domed churches and crystal blue lakes. And deep within the crevices of those mountainous peaks, is a tiny sliver of beauty, known as the Partnach Gorge, with turquoise blue waters rushing between a carved out path waiting to be explored by avid hikers.

Quite simply put….yes!!! Beauty like I have never seen before…the kind that absolutely left me speechless and in complete awe at the bright turquoise color of the lake, rounded by woody mountains as far as the eye could see. But, with such breathtaking natural beauty, my question is whether or not, Walchensee is the most beautiful lake in Germany??

Just across the border from Germany in the region known as Appenzellerland, in the historic canton of Appenzell is Appenzell. Set in one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland, surrounded by rolling landscape and the Alpstein mountains, Appenzell is often referred to as one of the most charming towns in Switzerland yet is one […]

Medieval fortress walls. Tiny cobbled-stoned alleys. Venetian architecture. Heart-stopping views. Romance and adventure. What’s not to love about Kotor?

Never heard of Kotor? **Gasp!!**

Well, then by all means, allow me to introduce you to this adorable town!

There is no question, no doubt as to the most beautiful place in all of Slovenia. Lake Bled is about as picturesque as any mountainous region can be, and it really is just as magical in person as it is in a picture rain or shine, summer or winter, making for one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country!

To top off any alpine experience, it is an absolute must to take one of the many cable car rides up to the top of a peak to enjoy the breathtaking views. One of the most spectacular rides is with the Jennerbahn, located near Bavaria’s loveliest lake: Königssee.

It is said that the Leutasch Spirit Gorge is inhabited by a spirit and his goblin minions. For centuries, people believed that a spirit had come down from the mountains and hid in the most inaccessible corners of the gorge. The goblins would dance in the night, especially when the river was overflowing from the spring melt water. To this day, the Spirit nor the goblins have ever been seen.

But that is only part of the magic that lies within.

This Valentine’s Day, Hans and I spontaneously  decided at the last minute to take a day trip instead of stressing over the pressure of buying the right gift or surprise. We decided to get up super-doooper early (ugh!) and take the train to Zugspitze – Germany’s tallest mountain which is a whopping 9,718 feet tall and offers breathtaking views over Bavaria, into Austria and even all the way to Italy!

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