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GPSMyCity GiveAway with California Globetrotter

If you’ve been a loyal reader, you’ll likely know that you can take my posts with you on the go with GPSMyCity. With this amazing app, you have the ability to follow not just my posts, but billions of other posts from anywhere in the world and BE YOUR OWN TOUR GUIDE by having the post at your fingertips infused with GPS coordinates. 

What exactly is GPSMyCity?

GPSMyCity is a travel guide app with content submitted by travel bloggers like myself to over a 1,000 cities around the world which I previously wrote about here. With a simple click of a button, you can take your favorite post from your favorite travel blogger and become your very own personal tour guide. General tours include city guides, foodie guides, art guides, places of interest, restaurants, shops and so much more which uses the GPS tracking guide on your smartphone to guide you along your sightseeing route. Never have fear again of becoming lost and wasting time asking for directions!

My Posts on GPSMyCity

I’m proud to tell you that MANY of my posts can be found on GPSMyCity and you too can follow in my footsteps to all those amazing sights to see, places to eat and hidden gems without the fear of missing out! 


GPSMyCity has just launched their annual subscription option for $12.99/year with full access to all travel articles for 900+ cities worldwide or for $18.99/year with full access to all walking tours + travel articles covering 1,000+ cities. Now, you have a chance to win 1 of 10 one-year subscriptions (worth $18.99) for iOS only!

How can you win?

The 10 winners will be announced on Monday, April 16th, 2018. Good luck!

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Replies to GPSMyCity: Your Personal Worldwide Travel Guide GIVEAWAY

  1. Travel plans 2018…
    May – road trips in Germany
    June – Russia World Cup
    July – enjoy Nürnberg & it’s my BDay 😉
    August – Malta & Sicily with Australian friends, then road trip in Croatia
    Lots to look forward to! x

  2. Ok, trying to get this baby on the right post! But I put Wernigerobe on our list of hopeful places to visit in the fall, thanks to you. As soon as I booked our tickets, that name started popping up all over my Instagram feed so just trying to figure out how to make it all connect. So many gorgeous places and definitely not enough time or money. But also trying to squeeze in a road trip to Canada this summer. Maybe a quick trip to Florida for shelling also. Plus all your adventures have enticed us to start exploring around here more intentionally, so weekend trips to the Great Lakes, and many others planned. I’m actually glad our trip to Germany isn’t until the fall (but kind of wishing it was in September so we could actually get to see an Almabtrieb, oh well, the next fall…) because it is so fun to pour over everyone’s gorgeous pictures and dream about all the awesome places to go. You do such an awesome job of sharing your experiences with us, thank you!

  3. 2018 travel plans-
    May- Camping in Shenandoah, VA and brewery tours in Charlottesville, VA
    June- West Palm Beach, FL and Burlington, VT
    July- Week long trip to Washington State to explore National Parks (Olympic, Mt. Rainier)
    August- Vegas and Oklahoma to see the Backstreet Boys (!)
    September- New York
    October- California (wedding)
    November and December- I am planning to work remotely from Valencia, Spain so hopefully many European adventures. Where do you want to meet up? 😉

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