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Heidelberg Christmas Market - California GlobetrotterAfter having lived in Heidelberg for a year while I studied abroad, I am continuously drawn back over and over again. It’s one of the most beautiful towns in Germany. During the Christmas season, the town comes alive with sections of the Christmas market spread out throughout the entire town. From the minute you step off the bus at Bismarkplatz to Karlsplatz are endless adorable Christmas huts filled to the brink with Glühwein, chocolates and gifts for all!

There are Christmas Markets all over Germany and the rest of Europe, but if you honestly had to choose one that was the most magical, the most romantic and the most Christmasy, I would say then you should go to Heidelberg! For me personally, no other Christmas Market has ever lived up to my expectations as much as Heielberg’s. Buuut, maybe I’m a bit biased as it was my very first when I studied abroad here for a year during college.

The smell of warm Glühwein and freshly baked Macadamia Nuts waft through the air, tempting you every step of the way. You slowly peruse the stalls, starting at one end and finishing at the most magical part of the market. The crisp winter air bites at your hands and nose, and you stop occasionally to sip on a steaming cup of Glühwein to warm up and the air is filled with laughter every where.

If you’re coming fromt e train station and taking the bus to Bismarkplatz, this is the best place to start as the Christmas stalls “begin” at Bismarkplatz and then you can stroll down Hauptstraße (Main Street) which is lined with many shops, cafes and restaurants.  There is no hurry and you can meander down Europe’s longest mile-long pedestrian zone, checking out each store as you go. You should be able to accomplish any Christmas shopping you have in one go!

The first of six markets beings at Anatomiegarten with several stalls. My favorite stall here is the beautiful windmill Glühwein stand. This is a small “market” but there is at least enough here to make a stop!

One of the largest markets is at Universitätsplatz, which is another location where the buses will drop you off at. Here there are a ton of shops, lots of goodies and lots of delicious foods to try! My favorite shop here is the paper star shop where you can also buy adorable village replicas. At Uniplatz, you can also find an adorable Christmas Carouselfor the little kiddies to ride on! I was quite sad I’m not allowed to ride on it! I have a serious love of carousels at Christmas markets!

Here you can replicate the entire town of Heidelberg in your own very home one on of the Christmas stalls which has ceramic houses. This always reminds me of my childhood as my mother always set up her own little village of houses on our living room tables during the holidays. One day, I will start my own table village!

Heidelberg Christmas Market - California Globetrotter


IMG_0105 IMG_0112 IMG_0111


Next up is the market that surrounds the Holy Ghost Church at Marktplatz. This is my FAVORITE part of the Christmas market because of the massive holiday pyramid stand which sells Glühwine. The top of the pyramid turns and the figurines rotate. There is just something so incredibly magical about the Christmas pyramid that gets me so excited every time I see it! I guess because it was the very first part of the Christmas market I saw when I walked out of my apartment into town to see my first German Christmas Market back in 2007.

Here there is an adorable little stand which sells hand painted Christmas ornaments with winter scenes. I’ve seen these before and was tempted to buy one. Maybe one year I will!

Heidelberg Christmas Market - California Globetrotter

IMG_0115From Marktplatz, walk a little bit further to Kornmarkt which this year was different than how I knew it before. This year, there were several stalls, lots of Christmas trees and a small choo-choo train for the little ones. Here, you will have a glimpse of the Heidelberg castle which will appear at the next market over.

Lastly and most importantly, the best market yet! The market at Karlsplatz is the place to be! Not only does the market sit below the Heidelberg castle, but here you can even find an ice skating rink perfect for some family fun! The little ones will even have little penguin hand rails to keep them from loosing balance!Heidelberg Christmas Market - California Globetrotter

It was here I chose to enjoy a Hot Chocolate with Baileys instead of a traditional cup of Glühwein. It was absolutely delicious and went perfect with some holiday goodies!

If you’re lucky enough to have visited Heidelberg’s Romantic Christmas Market before, you know how right I am when I say it is one of the best and is absolutely NOT to be missed! Not only is the historic town of Heidelberg a Bucket List item, but the market itself adds that last notch of that European small town Christmasy charm we all look for.

If you’re interested in visiting Germany and are looking for more information, I highly recommend using the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide! Without these guides, I would be lost! This is my travel Bible!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I might make a little extra spending money, at no extra cost to you. As always, all opinions are my own and these products/services have been found useful during our travels and come highly recommended to you from yours truly!

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Replies to Heidelberg’s Romantic Christmas Market

  1. I can’t think of anything sweeter than the German Christmas markets. They are adorable! I haven’t been in Heidelberg, but I heard is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  2. The market looks wonderful. It has been a dream of mine to visit Europe during the Christmas markets season. Let see if I am able to make it one day.

  3. We just got back from a Germany Christmas Market extravaganza – ha! – which included Heidelberg. We chose to head up to the castle though and spent most of our time up there. I wish we could have made it to more of the markets but I know this will not be our last visit. Your photos are beautiful. I feel motivated to go get my blogging done and get mine up as well! #MondayEscapes

  4. The decorations are so beautiful, I would have been tempted to buy them all because I wouldn’t know which ones to choose, haha. I especially like the little houses 😀 I really need to visit a Christmas Market in Germany next year 😀

  5. Ganz schön! It’s hard to pick a favourite one from “home” along the Hauptstrasse, although if push came to shove, I’d pick the one at Marktplatz, because it’s where the pyramid is located. 🙂 Thanks for writing about Heidelberg’s Weihnachtsmärkte!

  6. That’s amazing!! You know, I still haven’t been to Heidelberg, and I didnt know there was such a pretty Christmas Market there! I want to go next year 😀

    I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!
    And thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  7. One of my absolute dreams is to visit a Christmas Market in Germany! It just looks so beautiful, and like the perfect way to put you in the Christmas spirit! I know a blogger that’s currently living in Hiedelberg, and she visits the market pretty much everyday, and it looks just as magical and romantic as you described!

  8. How fun! I think if I were to visit Germany at Christmastime, Heidelberg would be at the top of my list! #wanderfulWednesday

  9. Glad to see you’re getting your Glühwein on Lorelei! Glad to see you’ve thoroughly explored all the wonderful Christmas markets of Heidelberg, certainly looks fun. I’ve been to a few of them in Vienna and Brno lately, always good fun. Hoping to visit Heidelberg at some point but Christmas time seems like a smart choice. Frohe Weihnachten!

    1. Oh definitely! Every year we get our Glühwein on and even pre-game before we go out! Haha Heidelberg will always have a special place in my heart because I studied abroad here for a year in college but it’s HIGHLY recommended! Fröhe Weihnachten! 🙂

  10. I’ve heard so many great things about Heidelberg but it seems to be even more gorgeous at Christmas time! If it only would snow, it’d be the perfect Christmas wonderland 🙂

  11. Oh man .. I’m really missing the magical Christmas markets in Europe in this 90 degree heat! haha .. This place looks over-the-top and so full of holiday spirit! A true Christmas wonderland! I wish I could drink some delicious Glühwein to celebrate Christmas here .. but well, I think I’d melt. 😀

  12. I just love how Europeans do Christmas. Like how can you not be in the christmas spirit after visiting all those wonderful markets? heck! just looking at it through my computer screen has made me jollier!!! 🙂

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