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Traveling the world alone is easy and you only have yourself to concern yourself with. But how do you continue to afford to travel how do you continue to afford to travel once you found your best travel companion?

Here are some of the travel strategies we use in order to afford travel as often as possible without breaking the wallet!

1. Gift Giving

While most girls love when their boyfriends/husbands come home with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates and the guys love when their ladies bring home a case of beer or new clothes for them, gift giving can actually eat away at potential travel spending money. Giving gifts is always nice and much appreciated, but I would rather save that 20 to enjoy a nice dessert at a restaurant with a beautiful view somewhere in Italy!

2. Pack a Romantic Picnic

Eating out can be expensive for two people. That’s practically 30 bucks a pop at some overly priced, touristy restaurant! To save money for more exciting things, consider packing a light picnic with wines, cheeses, crackers and more to enjoy during your travels. It’s half the price and provides more quality time together. The Blissful Belgian Coast: Blankenberge Beach - California Globetrotter

3. Cook Meals at Home

Don’t go for those big chain hotels! Go for the Apartment/Flat style rentals that come fully equipped with a kitchenette, a dining room table or a balcony when traveling! Why spend the money eating out when you can go to the nearest grocery store, grab some pasta, baguette and a bottle of wine and make a home cooked Italian meal! This way you’re not eating out for every.single.meal and you won’t cringe opening your wallet every time!

4. Dinner for Two

Meals these days are plenty large enough to share a meal! What is the point in wasting money eating out on two meals if there’s a chance you’re not likely to finish one or both meals. That’s like throwing money down the drain and when you’re traveling, you don’t usually take your food home in a to-go bag. So, share a meal and if you do get hungry later, hopefully you have some snacks in the room!

5. Pack One Suitcase

Traveling with large suitcases can be a pain in the A. With the fees, the weight of multiple bags and the constant struggle to walk through the airport like a travel pro without tripping over your bags, it’s easier when two become one! Try packing light and sharing one suitcase and create a “Her side” and a “His Side”.

6. Share Toiletries

When traveling, packing light is ESSENTIAL. The last thing you want to do is lug around stuff you don’t need on your trip. You don’t need two tubes of toothpaste or his shampoo and her shampoo. Lighten your load by bringing communal toiletries you can share!

7. Two for the Road!

Since we bought a car last year, we have been able to afford more travel because we are no longer buying two plane/train tickets anymore! Yes, it takes more time to arrive at your destination, but now we can take our time, stop whenever, wherever we want and it’s still cheaper, gas included than paying all those pesky taxes and fees when it comes to flying! IMG_7161

8. Make a Travel Piggy Bank

Nothing gets us more excited about traveling than the both of us throwing an extra 10-20 into the travel jar. It encourages saving and it’s fun to sit and count up your successful saving skills. Plus, it’s kind of an endless competition to see who can save the most!

9. Do You Realllly Need That?

What would you rather have? A house full of stuff or a life filled with experiences and happy memories? Hopefully, the latter. So, When you’re out an about and you see something YOU.JUST.GOTTA.HAVE, stop and ask yourself, “is it worth it?”, “Do I need this?” and decide together what you would rather put your money towards. IMG_7163

I wouldn’t have recommended this tips unless they were successful and these tips help keep me and my best travel buddy in line. Travel is our number one priority and we live by these tips! I hope they work just as well for you as they do for us!

every now and then it’s ok to splurge on something you want or need, but always keep your priorities in order. If traveling is your heart’s biggest, unquenchable desire, then I’m sure you will do everything you can in order to nickle and dime every single penny for the next trip!

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Replies to HOW You Can Save Money Traveling as a Couple

  1. We definitely do need separate toothpastes because I hate the taste of his. And his combination shower gel/shampoo is really bad for my hair! We always take a single suitcase though, except when we went to New Zealand for 2 weeks. The extra week required an additional suitcase. For a weekend trip we only need a small bag between the two of us.

  2. Eating in is a huge way for us to save money while at home! I would much rather save the money from eating out and go somewhere, plus you can usually cook healthier things at home than what you’d get at a restaurant!

  3. I like your tip about cooking at home, I feel guitly sometimes when I see how much we spend on eating out..but both me and my boyfriend don’t like cooking and when we are travelling he always says he would rather spend money for food than time cooking at home)it just doesn’t feel like vacation when we have to think about cooking and it takes time that we could spend exploring the new place instead of preparing food at home. Besides, trying local dishes is such a fun part of travelling!

    1. I know! I’m guilty of wanting to eat out more at a local restaurant than cooking at home when on vacation but if you’re planning a long vacation, even eating out for every single meal gets expensive. So one or two meals at home saves 50-60€. I’m the same way though because on vacation I don’t want to deal with cooking and cleaning.

  4. There are some great tips here and many we follow. When at work and the coffee truck comes along I always resist. That $5 a day can quickly add up to a really nice slurge on the next trip. I think in terms of travel with each purchase. “Do I need it, how much will that help towards our next travel?”

  5. Saving money is an art that not many people master. It takes a lot of determination to sacrifice the small pleasures of life for the sake of achieving something bigger. Very good advice, Lolo.

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