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Kuhlbauer Brewery's Weihnachtsmarkt - California GlobetrotterJust a 30 minute drive from Regensburg by car or by train, there is a small quaint village set among rows and rows of hops fields that sits along the Abens River. This region is the largest region for growing hops so it is no surprise, that set in the center of town is the Kuchlbauer Brewery which specializes in producing Hefeweizen beers. Founded way back in the 14th century, this brewery is among the world’s oldest breweries.

This little village is different from other little villages as it combines both historic buildings with new, modern architecture. Thanks to an artist from Vienna, Austria with a creative vision, Friedensreich Hundertwasser who came to this quiet little town and designed the now famous tower named after him, the Hundertwasserturm. Born as Friedrich Stowasser, he would later adopt the name Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser which translates to something more like “Peace-realm”, “Rainy Day”, “Darkly multi-colored”, “Hundred Water”.

During the Christmas season, the Hundertwasserturm (tower) is decked out in beautiful white Christmas lights with a market surrounding the base of the tower. With such a unique atmosphere, it is only fitting that the market also be unique in gifts, food and drinks!


For a little change, instead of drinking a traditional Glühwein, I tried a Bratapfel Glühwein, which translates to Roasted Apple Malted Wine and it was damn good! It tasted more like a hot Apple Cider than a Glühwein.

Throughout Advent guided tours of Kuchlbauer’s Bierwelt take visitors around the brewery and up to the top of the tower followed by a beer tasting session with a half liter of beer and a pretzel included all for €12 per adult, €5 per child aged 6-15, €8 Euro for young adults or €26 for a family ticket.

Just to the left of the brewery is another very interesting looking building, which looks more like a fantasy drawing from a Dr. Seuss book, however this Kunst Haus (Art House) is dedicated to the life of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his artwork making this Christmas market especially loved by those with children!

Kuhlbauer Brewery's Weihnachtsmarkt - California GlobetrotterKuhlbauer Brewery's Weihnachtsmarkt - California Globetrotter

To add to the one of a kind uniqueness that is Kuchlbauer’s Christmas market, is that some of the market extends into a heated, decked out parking garage where vendors make the most of a parking spot or two. The gifts here range from your traditional decorations, to wooden hand-carved gifts, antique memorabilia and much much more!


One of the most magical qualities that this Christmas market has is that there is a very awesome looking train to take visitors from outer parking lots to directly in front of the brewery.


The Christmas Market is open from the first Advent to the last Advent Sunday.

Monday & Tuesday – closed

Wednesday and Thursday – 1:30pm-9pm

Fridays – 1:30pm-10pm

Saturdays – 12pm-10pm

Sundays – 12pm-9pm

Further Information:

Brauerei zum Kuchlbauer GmbH und Co KG
Römerstr. 5 – 9
93326 Abensberg
Telephone: +49 (0)9443 9101-0
Fax: +49 (0)9443 7553

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