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I once read an article a while back about why you shouldn’t date a girl who travels. It talked about how difficult it is to date a girl who travels because the standard dinner and a movie date just won’t cut it for her and that every chance she gets, she will try to book a flight somewhere new rather than party at some fancy club. She is unreliable and can’t hold down a steady, long term job because she’s too busy flouncing around the world. It also mentioned she probably leads a life of uncertainty and she never knows which direction the winds will blow her next and she will leave you because she doesn’t need you.

I can definitely say, as a girl who travels, I agree with almost all of these negative aspects of a girl who travels. I know from personal experience that I would rather be taken somewhere exciting like a new city to explore, with towers to be climbed and mountains to gaze upon and new foods to try than to be taken down to the local cinema. I’m all for a good movie don’t get me wrong. I am a huge movie buff, but if I had to choose, I would say take me somewhere new. I crave excitement and culture more than I will ever want to spend the money on drinking and dancing in a club all night. That $100 dollars could be better put to use to signing up for a beginners course in scuba diving or buying new travel guides.

I’ve definitely had my fair share of random jobs, my longest being 3 years while I was temporarily stuck in Montana. Otherwise, I have bounced from one job to the next, seeking new adventure even within my career. When I feel like I’m no longer being challenged, I start to get bored and begin to look towards bigger horizons. Don’t judge me because I can’t or won’t keep a steady job. Just look at it as expanding my horizons.

You can read the article here: Why You Should Never Date A Girl Who Travels

You probably shouldn’t date a girl who travels unless you can equally keep up with her.  You need to be a strong man with a lot of patience to keep up with a girl who is always changing directions every 5 minutes. I’m so lucky I have found one of my own who can keep up! But I promise, I will never leave you behind. I’ll just drag you with me everywhere I go!

Here are some reasons why you SHOULD date a girl who travels.

1. She’ll Teach You To Go With The Flow

Women who travel are strong, independent, fearless women. Traveling women want someone who will go with the flow and ride the breeze with her wherever it may blow. We don’t just want someone who will just come in and blow out of our lives as quick as the tide might change, we want someone to travel the world with us, having new experiences and jumping through hoops sometimes to get somewhere. She’ll teach you how to just go with whatever comes next and still have fun, no matter what bumpy roads you find along your journey.

I don’t just want someone who will stick around for a short ride, but someone who will stay by my side for the long haul, no matter how crazy the vacation is. He has to be brave and willing to go with the flow. I definitely live my life craving adventure and excitement every day. I wouldn’t be the same person without that experience.

2. She Will Expand Your Horizons

I may not be the Martha Stewart-perfect-house-wife material, but I sure try. I will try to cook you a nice dinner and a fabulous cake, but don’t expect it every day. I never learned how to properly cook and what I can cook took me a long time to learn. Just don’t get angry at me if I forget to cook dinner or burn it! I get too caught up in researching too many new travel destinations to add to my already incredibly long bucket list. But I will open your eyes to a whole new world (yes, I just totally stole that from Aladdin!) and expand your horizons to things you never imagined and take you to places you never thought of visiting before.Nuremberg, Germany - California Globetrotter

3. You Will Have Your Own Personal Travel Agent

IMG_3385Travel girls will save every penny they have just to go on another vacation, but they may have a hard time saving money for any other reason! I may not know how to penny-pinch every dollar I earn and you will certainly have to help keep me in line, but don’t be surprised if one day you come home to a whole new weekend vacation booked and I am sitting in a pile of travel books, maps, magazines and have my computer open to 10 different blog websites. Whereas other girls might constantly come home with shopping bags full of clothes, you will learn real quick that I am very selective with my money and how I spend it because that $75 could pay for a train ticket to somewhere new!

4. She Will Be A Dreamer

Don’t be surprised though if you date a girl who does hold a temporarily steady job and over time she starts to complain that it’s holding her back from a life of adventure. I definitely crave the unknown and get bored quickly sitting in a four square room with a tiny window. I find myself dreaming all the time about selling everything and packing up to go work on a ship, traveling around the world or live on a vineyard in France or Italy. All travel girls dream about packing up, traveling the world and get paid to blog about it or we wish we were Samantha Brown on Passport to Europe. Karlovy Vary: The City of Baths - California Globetrotter

5. She Will Keep You On Your Toes

Dating a girl who loves to travel will definitely keep you on your toes because you never know what is right around the corner or where she will lead you next. She will have a million different things planned for the future and she may not tell you all of them at once because she has so many ideas, some just get pushed to the back of her mind. My mind is so spastic sometimes, I can’t control the hundreds of new ideas I have, that I have had to start writing things down and make lists just to help me remember.

And you will definitely have to hear all of my crazy ideas for our next vacation and sometimes you won’t be able to keep track and might get frustrated with the following options:

A) Drive to Croatia via a stop over in Ljubljana, Slovenia before hitting up 5 different cities before we get to Dubrovnik

B) Extend our vacation for 2 weeks

C) Book a scuba diving lesson

D) All of the above

Correct answer:  All of the above!

6. She Might Just Convince You To Quit Your Job And Travel The World Instead

IMG_3606The most important thing about dating a girl who travels is that she is ready for anything that comes her way. She is fearless and brave and she will stand her ground. She will speak her mind without a second thought and if you even for one second mention that you hate your job and think it’s boring, she may just convince you to quit your job and travel the world with her. She can be very persuasive and she always get what she wants!


7. She Will Be Sooo Much More of a Catch

There are sooo many fish in the sea, but how do you pick one? Welp, you gotta pick the one that stands out from the crowd, the one who is interesting and doesn’t just blend in. Pick the one who will mesmerize you with stories of her adventures or encourage you to journey where you never thought you would! Pick a girl who can keep you on your toes and is different than all the rest because she’s wild and hard to tame but driven by passion to see, taste and experience the world!

King Ludwig II's Schloss Linderhof - California Globetrotter

So, if you are dating a girl who loves to travel, hold on to her tight because she will show you the world and love you to the end of time!


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Replies to To Date or Not to Date a Girl Who Travels!?

  1. I definitely think I am much more interesting and more of a catch because of my travels. Ha! Seriously though, best to find a partner that shares and/or supports your interests, passions and plans because that’s what will sustain you during the difficult times

  2. Loved this the minute I saw the title. What a great idea for a post. I’m married with kids, but glad I found someone who loves to travel as much as I do! #citytripping

  3. OMG.. I totally burst out laughing when I read “You Will Have Your Own Personal Travel Agent”. That’s what my husband tells all his friends about me!! LOL…. And it’s so true that we spend our money on hotels and air tickets rather than new clothes and shoes. It all evens out. #CityTripping

  4. I totally agree – why wouldn’t you want to broaden your horizons? Even though i’m married to someone who doesn’t love travel quite as much, he loves that I love to travel – and I always come home! #citytripping

  5. Well I don’t date girls, regardless if they travel or not, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dating someone who travels, quite the opposite 😉 I find it so hard to save money for something other than travel too, tell me I’ll travel soon and I’ll be as frugal as possible, otherwise, I find myself wondering where has my salary gone, haha.

  6. I enjoyed reading this…and nodding away to most of your points. I’ve definitely turned my husband into more of a traveller although he has become my personal travel agent (he loves it). We’d much rather spend money on seeing the world than having loads of material possessions. Us ladies that love to travel are pretty awesome, huh! #citytripping

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