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High on a hill overlooking the Danube just 20 minutes or so outside of Regensburg is the Walhalla memorial near the small town of Donaustauf. Named after the final resting place of fallen heroes of Norse Gods, the memorial is a hall of fame honoring distinguished politicians, sovereigns, scientists and artists from the German speaking world. Impossible to miss as it dominates the hill in which is sits, overlooking the countryside. 

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Walhalla Hall of Fame for Germans, Donaustauf near Regensburg, Bavaria Germany - California Globetrotter

History of Walhalla

This majestic memorial can be seen for miles perched upon the hill, honoring important or famous Germans. It was built by King Ludwig I of Bavaria upon ascending the throne. Its construction began in 1830 and was completed in 1842. Inside, you’ll find 65 plaques and 130 busts covering 2,000 years of history displayed along the walls in a building of suitable architectural dignity. 

Some of the most famous names you might recognize are Charlemagne, Ludwig I of Bavaria, Ludwig van Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Mozart and Goethe.

Visiting the Memorial

This magnificent building is built in the traditional Neo-Classical columned temple form, reminiscent of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. With columns around the entire structure and a walkway, you can walk around the whole building. If you’re feeling adventurous and up to the task, you can walk up or down the massive steps of Walhalla and follow the path that will lead you back down to the main road or to the cruise ships.

You can easily go inside for a pretty good deal. You can pay 4 euros per adult to get in. There isn’t much to do inside other than look at the busts of honorable Germans and just enjoy the sculptures. After walking around and checking out who made the hall of fame, you can just enjoy the fantastic views.

Although inside is interesting, it is also small and you see everything upon entering the building. But the main attraction of Walhalla is the beautiful view over the Danube river and the surrounding country side.

There is a huge grassy lawn which you could easily pack a picnic and sit down to enjoy the view, or even sit along the massive steps of the Walhalla. Either way, you will have a wonderful view! Locals love to come here on warm, sunny days to have a picnic or even a mini BBQ to enjoy the views. 

Once you’re finished visiting the memorial, walk/drive down to the road below the memorial and you will be able to enjoy a view of the Walhalla Memorial and see how impressive it is even from a distance. 

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