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Do you have something special you always buy at every destination you visit? Maybe a patch, sticker or pin? Or do you buy a more traditional souvenir to display on your shelf, reminding you of that time you went to Hungary or England?

Over the years I have collected all sorts of travel knickknacks. As a child I collected thimbles everywhere I went. At one point I had over 200 thimbles from everywhere I had ever been. Then I sat down and asked myself, “What the heck am I ever going to do with 200 thimbles!?”

Over the years, I have moved from collecting thimbles, to shot glasses to T-Shits & sweaters to postcards & stickers and everything in between. Unfortunately, I’m terribly sad that most of my travel knickknacks are back in the States packed away in a box deep in the closet. Over time though, I bring my travel treasures back to Germany with me.

I was inspired to write this blog by another good blogger friend “Packing My Suitcase” who was also inspired by indahs: travel story & photography.

My most valued travel souvenirs:


Every country I visit, I “borrow” a beer glass. I have many many more where there came from, but they are in the States 🙁 I am especially proud of my Oktoberfest Maß glass (not pictured) and my Dult Maß glass.

Bosnian Coffee Pot and Lamp


I rarely am overcome with the need to buy big, expensive souvenirs when I travel, but a recent trip to Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina changed that. These are beautiful hand painted, handcrafted souvenirs and this trip was extra special. I was nervous about our safety in Bosnia when we sporadically decided to drive into Bosnia for the day, but it ended up being an amazing afternoon, for which I am glad we went.

My Postcards & Maps for Scrapbooking

Therefore, my most valued souvenier, is my Travel Scrapbook Journal. Since being in Germany, I have had to convert my hardcore scrapbooking to Journal Scrapbooking due to limited supplies.


Money, Money!!!


I really love collecting money from my journeys which do not yet use the Euro. Coming from America, it all looks like Monopoly money.

Christmas Market Cups!


I also like to “borrow” these from the Christmas markets I visit around Germany. Although, with the 2 € Pfand, technically I paid for these cups! They’re just so cute to have at home when you have friends over to drink some Glühwein during the holiday season!

Other knickknacks


I have lots of little knickknack goodies from my travels. These are what I have with me from Venice, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

My Matryoshka Dolls


On our first and only visit to Budapest, Hungary I knew I needed to buy something traditional as a remembrance of one of the most awesome trips of my life. I know that these can be found all over Eastern Europe, but for me it said Budapest.

My Brazilian License Plate


In the summer of 2003, My family and I traveled around Brazil & Argentina with a few stops in Uruguay and Paraguay. It was a memorable trip and so amazing. I just wish I hadn’t been a grouchy teenager and enjoyed it a bit more! Had this made by people on the street selling them. We bought it, they ran away and made it and came back 10 minutes later.

And finally…. my pride and joy

My Loreley Limited Edition Bierstein


When I studied abroad in Heidelberg in 2007, I told myself I would NOT leave Germany without visiting the Loreley, after all, that is my name! And when I saw this, I had to have it!




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Replies to What are your travel souvenirs?

  1. Wonderful souvenirs!! I love the Polish pottery too, they are so beautiful! I got them from my Polish friends whenever they return from family visit 😀 Next time I think I should buy it myself in Poland!

    The cookies are amazing! Do you keep them in special tupperware? I wonder what it will look like in ten years! Keep them 🙂

    Thank you so much for the mention! I will certainly tweet your post! Best wishes and thanks to Allane who introduce us 😉

  2. Oh wow! You have an amazing collection. The only thing I ever bring back are pictures. Sadly I’ve been living in temporary apartments for years so I never collect anything knowing I won’t be able to take with me on the next move.

  3. Quite the collection and even your collection is across the globe! 🙂 my collection you already know besides postcards are pressed pennies! i just love them for some reason and feel like a kid every time i see a penny machine – my first one was from Seattle’s space needle of course it was lost cause i was just a kid but when you and i went back there and i got a new one that made it even more special!

  4. I usually buy fridge magnets and ceramic bells, and I’m very sad when I don’t find them somewhere. Also, I buy few postcards and a little statue showing some of the landmarks of country I traveled to.

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