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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I might make a little extra spending money, at no extra cost to you. As always, all opinions are my own and these products/services have been found useful during our travels and come highly recommended to you from yours truly!

Afternoon tea, quite possibly one of the most quintessential English customs, which has quite recently become rather mainstream. Throughout the United Kingdom, there is no shortage of opportunities to have a sit down with a good cuppa tea and a variety of scones and desserts! But, the pleasure of enjoying an afternoon tea is so much more than just scones and sandwiches and dates back to the 19th century. So, sit down, make a cuppa tea and snuggle up to read this post of amazing places for afternoon tea around the world!

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”
Henry James

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Where to Take Afternoon Tea Around the World! | Afternoon Tea | High Tea Around the World | The Best Afternoon Teas | Luxurious Afternoon Teas | Tea Rooms around the world | English Traditions | Traditional Afternoon Tea | International Afternoon Tea | fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea | Best Afternoon Tea in Europe | Experience a Traditional English Afternoon Tea | History of Afternoon Tea - California Globetrotter

Afternoon Tea at Kensington Palace Pavilion

Scottish Afternoon Tea in Edinburgh

Afternoon Tea Etiquette – 15 Do’s & Don’ts of Afternoon Tea

History of Afternoon tea

While drinking tea has been around since at least the 3 BC, the concept of ‘afternoon tea’ was first introduced in England by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in the year 1840. By four o’clock in the afternoon, the Duchess would become quite hungry with dinner not being served in her household until the fashionably late hour of eight o’clock. At the time, it was quite usual for people to only have two main meals a day, breakfast and dinner. Unable to cope with the hunger, she asked that a tea along with a few slices of bread and butter to be brought to her boudoir in the late afternoon to take in private. Later, the Earl of Sandwich came up with the brilliant idea of adding a filling between the slices of bread as well as sweetening up her snack with cake.

Over time, she began to invite her friends to join her and by the 1880’s became quite a fashionable social event for upper-class women and afternoon tea was acceptable enough to move it from one’s private quarters to the drawing room. High society women wore their finest gowns, gloves and hats for tea in the drawing room, typically between four and five o’clock in the evening.

Today, traditional afternoon tea is served in fancy gardens, hotels and tea rooms which consists of a variety of dainty sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, as well as cakes and biscuits served on a tiered tray. The proper way to enjoy the snacks that accompany an afternoon tea it to work your way up from the bottom tier, starting with your sandwiches and savories, before moving to the second tier with scones and clotted cream before finally ending with the sweet bits, cakes and biscuits. Tea is always served from a tea pot into delicate and dainty china cups while you will also find that some afternoon teas include a glass of bubbly to be enjoyed with the desserts. 

Some of the most famous places in England to experience an afternoon tea are in London’s finest hotels and quaint tearooms such as Claridges, the Dorchester, the Ritz and the Savoy, Harrods as well as Fortnum and Mason, but you don’t have to do a high class afternoon tea when any cafe, tea room or tea house will offer a full scale afternoon tea for half the price without the name and just may even be better!

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What’s the difference between ‘high tea’ and ‘afternoon tea’?

Not being British, I, too didn’t understand the difference. Many hotels offer ‘high tea’ which derives from the height of the tables on which the meals are served, therefore, high tea being served at the dinner table. Traditionally, ‘low’ or ‘afternoon’ tea was served around four o’clock for the upper class just before the fashionable promenade at Hyde Park. Middle and lower class would have their ‘high’ tea in place of dinner around five or six o’clock in the evening. 


Come, let’s have some tea and continue to talk about happy things!


High Tea at Fortnum and Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon – London England

By Lady Lorelei from California Globetrotter

When it comes to afternoon tea in London, Fortnum and Mason is classified as a British institution known for catering to the Queen of England and epitomizing the sophistication of a traditional afternoon tea! Located near Piccadilly Square, with over 100 different blends of tea with the Royal Blend made for King Edward VII being among the top ranking since 1902! 

Located on the fourth floor, High tea is served in the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 2012. Tables are spaciously spread out, servers are exquisitely dressed and well-educated about the variety of blends and ready to teach newbies like myself. 

The Afternoon Tea Menu includes your choice of tea, which I chose the Countess Grey with a hint of orange flavor as well as classic finger sandwiches such as cucumber, smoked salmon and coronation chicken, followed by their famously delicious scones to be eaten with delicious lemon curd or strawberry jam and clotted cream. The afternoon tea is topped off with a plate of decadent patisseries and a choice of cakes from the cake carriage! And the best part? It’s all replenishable and served on their iconic turquoise and gold china set!

After our delightful afternoon tea, we perused the lower three floors of shops, stocking up on my now favorite tea!

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In England, everything stops for tea!


St. James Tearoom – Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

By Lady Jessica from Independent Travel Cats

If you’ve been to New Mexico, you would probably not suspect there to be any great afternoon tea locations in Albuquerque. But the St. James Tearoom is actually one of my favorite afternoon tea spots, and I’ve been to at least 50 afternoon teas around the world! 
The St. James Tearoom in Albuquerque is located in the northeast part of central Albuquerque. The tearoom offers a formal tea experience with a set menu that includes three courses of savories, breads, and desserts. Each course is paired with a suggested tea. Menus are often themed around something such as a place, book, or famous person. For instance, during my visits there has been a Beatrix Potter themed tea menu and an Orient Express themed menu. They also offer vegetarian, and gluten-free menus that just need to be requested in advance. Most dietary requirements can be accommodated with advanced notice.
Afternoon Teas Around the World - Afternoon Tea in Amsterdam - Afternoon Tea in the Netherlands - St. James tea room Albuquerque by Independent Travel Cats - The Best Afternoon Teas - High Tea - Luxurious Afternoon Teas - California Globetrotter
The food comes served on a three-tiered silver tea stand. Although teas are suggested with each menu, you can also choose any tea off of their extensive tea list. Menus always include a few staples such as traditional tea sandwiches, scones, and tea cakes, but they also always include some more innovative items.
Although the food and tea are great here, the things I love most about St. James Tearoom however is its decor, its unique setup, and the service. Once inside the typical New Mexican adobe building, you are transported to England. The tearoom has these little private nooks as well as a more open library dining area (that can be made semi-private with curtains). Each nook and area of the library are themed around famous homes and buildings in the United Kingdom. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable, but discreet. You might easily believe you are having tea in an English country home!
This place is a special treat place for me ever time I am in the city!

“With a cup of tea in your hand, anything is possible” 


Fairmont Royal York Hotel Afternoon Tea – Toronto, Canada 

By Lady Lorita from Ting and Things

What’s a better way to experience a royal treatment than having high tea at Toronto’s iconic Fairmont Royal York Hotel?  I had an amazing opportunity to try out their afternoon tea service in the Library Bar at Royal York with my friend. The whole tea experience lasted approximately 2 hours long. 

Tea was served on fine china along with a 3-tiered platter of hand-crafted sandwiches and fine pastries. I started off by choosing a pot of tea from their loose leaf tea selections. I normally don’t drink tea but I can’t really say I’ve enjoyed afternoon tea if I hadn’t actually tried their tea right?  My tea was fragrant combining flavours of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. 

Our first bite was the English crumpet with fresh berries topped with honey that came from the beehives from their own rooftop apiary! Second to our table was a plate of hand-crafted sandwiches. Various tomatoes with Mozzarella on baguette, roasted turkey with cucumber & apple cider mayo sandwich, Pears, goat cheese, balsamic berry with greens on baguette, smoked salmon with onions sandwich. Their freshly baked scones with Devonshire cream were delicious. Oh so soft and moist! We ate our way to the middle tier of the platter which consisted of Lemon Almond slices, mincemeat tart, honey white chocolate Madeline’s, flour-less cranberry chocolate cake. My friend called the chocolate cake, “the cake of excellence with a dash of awesomeness”. And there was a reason for it. The cake melted entirely in our mouths! My favourite though, was the lemon almond slices. The slices looked ordinary but they were fresh and “citrusy”. The tiny bits added a crunchy texture to the dessert. I devoured this in a second. 

Following the afternoon tea service, we also got a complimentary tour of the hotel. This should be on everyone’s list if you enjoy a fine afternoon tea. You won’t be disappointed!


“A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds” – Christina Re


La Motte High Tea – Cape Town, South Africa

By Lady Alya from Stingy Nomads

Afternoon tea in Cape Town was our first tea experience. Usually we don’t do fancy dining while traveling but in our own city we decided to go big and explore more fine places. After doing a research about best place in and around Cape Town for the afternoon tea we made our choice in favour of La Motte, a wine farm and restaurant in Franschhoek, a beautiful small town, 80 km from Cape Town. Franschhoek is famous for its fine wines and best restaurants in South Africa.

The high tea experience at La Motte is something very special, as it will be done for you exclusively. You can choose where the tea is served; in a restaurant, on a terrace or in the garden, it’s a great option on a warm sunny day.

For visitor’s choice are several teas; red, green, black, fruit or white teas. Avid coffee drinkers can get a cup of good Java blend coffee. Tea is served in porcelain sets made by a local fine artist and ceramicists especially for Le Motte high tea.

The food menu is exquisite with everything freshly made and baked in a restaurant kitchen. Treat yourself with smoked salmon sandwiches with cream cheese, savoury tart, chocolate truffles, crispy croissants with fillings or not, tea cakes, sausage rolls, macarons, sweet biscuits, cheese cakes and more. Guests can sparkle their tea experience with a glass of sweet or sparkling wine from the estate.


“I would rather have nothing but tea!” – Jane Austen


Afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton – Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

By Lady Keri from Ladies What Travel

The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur is a great spot for afternoon tea in the city thanks to its elegant setting of the light and airy Lobby Lounge. Once seated we perused the tea menu, which is made up of 40 different black, green fruit and herbal infusion teas – including the Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur Blend, exclusively crafted for the hotel.

When our three-tiered tea tray came out we weren’t disappointed – savoury highlights included the warm mini chicken pie and petite chicken and beef burgers. These were a delicious quirky take on the traditional afternoon tea.

Perfectly timed to coincide with us finishing the last of the savouries, our server returned with a plate of freshly baked plain and fruit scones. These went down a treat, and we sat back to enjoy some more tea before moving onto the sweet finale.

This top tier had an interesting mix of sweets, including a nod to local sweet treat, the Chinese egg tart. This was joined by an orange and chocolate meringue, a gooey marshmallow with a coconut base, a strawberry and cream tart topped with pistachios and a very rich dark chocolate cake.

I enjoyed everything about my afternoon tea experience at the Ritz-Carlton – from the food and service through to the string quartet that entertained us. Little touches like unexpected amuse-bouche and cute teapot warmers made the whole experience even more special – and one I’d recommend to any visitors to Kuala Lumpur.


“Life is like a cup of tea to be filled to the brim and enjoyed with friends” 


Chesterfield Mayfair’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea – London, England

By Lady Ashley from My Wanderlusty Life

When it came to choosing an afternoon tea experience in London, the land of afternoon teas, they had me at “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” As one of most unusual afternoon teas in London, the Wonka-themed afternoon tea at the Chesterfield Mayfair is every nerd’s dream and, just like a tour through Wonka’s chocolate factory, is so much more than you bargained for. You get the standard afternoon tea service—tea, tiny sandwiches and finger foods, in a fancy setting—but all dripping with theme-y goodness.

Your experience begins with a serving of fizzy lifting drink and, fancy digs or not, I recommend following that up with a good burp, Charlie Bucket-style. In addition to the slew of teas you can choose from, they also offer their very own, specially blended for the occasion, chocolate tea. It may sound strange, but it’s pretty scrumdiddlyumptious. The fresh-made scones (+ homemade snozzberry jam) and finger sandwiches are some of the best I’ve ever had and, thankfully, unlimited. But the real geek pleasure lies in the plate of Wonka-themed deserts: an Oompa Loompa cupcake, a white chocolate golden egg, fizzy lifting lemon cake, a fruit tart, a bubblegum éclair, a blueberry macaron, and of course, a Wonka Bar.

But the themematics don’t end there. Willy Wonka himself (pretty much) greets all the tables and passes out Everlasting Gobstoppers and golden tickets—surprises to be awarded on your return visit that include everything from free bottles of champagne to complimentary afternoon teas and hotel stays. 


“If asked, “How do you take your tea?” I reply, “Seriously, very seriously”.


Baccus’ High Tea – Brisbane, Australia

By Lady Courtney from Alkeks Abroad
When I was pregnant with my daughter, several of my American friends (who had also developed a fondness for the British tradition) decided to throw my baby shower at a high tea in Brisbane. The venue they chose was Bacchus, a gorgeous restaurant in Brisbane’s South Bank neighborhood. Since it was a private event, we had our own (very large) room in the back where we were waited on by the staff diligently.
No detail was left out, and even the China had been imported from a hotel in London where the late Queen Mother was known to have her high tea. The selection of scones, desserts and sandwiches were all perfectly presented and absolutely delicious. I am always a sucker for a salted caramel macaroon so that was my favorite. Bacchus was very accommodating and prepared vegetarian and pregnancy safe menus for several guests. 
Our high tea was the Quintessential High Tea which included a wide selection of teas, but no alcohol. Several people chose to order their own wines and champagnes a la carte though. Being that it was a chilly day when we were there, the crowd favorite was the Cinnamon Apple, which reminded us of a crisp, autumn day. We had an absolutely wonderful afternoon, and I could not have asked for a better experience or better company to spend it with. 

There is always time for tea and cake!


A.C. Perch’s Thehandel Afternoon Tea – Copenhagen, Denmark

By Lady Carolyn from Carolyn’s Absolutely Fabulous Events

The tearooms at A.C. Perch’s Thehandel can be found in Kronprincessgade, or Crown Princess Street, in the heart of Copenhagen’s historic city center. There has been a Perch’s tearoom in Copenhagen for over 182 years and the company has dedicated 7 generations to finding top quality teas from all over the world. They are also a purveyor of teas to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. With such an illustrious history A.C.Perch’s Thehandel is THE place to take afternoon tea in Copenhagen.

The English style tea rooms are charming and are a perfect place to experience Danish hygge, that cozy, snuggy feeling. The rooms themselves are on the first floor and are accessed through a small courtyard. Although not required it is best to book as the tables fill up fast. The atmosphere is relaxed but not casual. People choose Perch’s for special occasions and there is always a festive air.

A.C. Perch’s offer a spectacular range of teas, over 150 different kinds, which can be purchased afterwards from their old fashioned tea shop downstairs. The menu includes several cakes, scones and tea sandwiches. You can order treats individually or go for the full monty, Perch’s Classic Tea Stand, which comes with a glass of crement. Service is attentive and the staff are knowledgeable about teas if you need some advice.


Tea (n): a hug in a cup


Louis Sergeant High Tea – Wellington, New Zealand

By Lady Nicole from Travelgal Nicole

One of the best places to go for High Tea in Wellington is Louis Sergeant.  This French inspired patisserie offers high tea daily for either morning or afternoon tea.

The high tea consists of 5 sweet treats and 4 savoury treats along with a pot of specialty tea or you can upgrade to champagne for a special occasion.

I love to take visitors to high tea as it is a nice treat after a day of exploring and it is also something tasty to tide you over to dinner.  And with all of these specialty desserts as well its worth the splurge!  It’s also a great place to celebrate a birthday and invite friends and dress up and wear hats while eating.  You can also stop in for a French dessert.  They have everything from eclairs and macarons to coconut cake and decadent mousses.


Where there’s tea, there’s hope!


Amstel Lounge in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

By Lady Wendy from World Wide Wendy

In case you are looking for a place to enjoy a high tea in Amsterdam, I can highly recommend The High Tea at Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam. The hotel is 5 star superior hotel, housed in a historical building from 1867. Called the Royal Afternoon Tea, it’s served in the Amstel Lounge from where you have an amazing view over the River Amstel.

Of course, a wide selection of teas are accompanied by 4 courses, including delightful sandwiches with salmon as well as a warm course.  All the sweets are homemade by the hotel’s own patisserie and the étagère with profiteroles and many other sweets are a feast for the eye.

The staff is extremely friendly and well informed.  They can tell you all you need to know about the different teas.

The high tea is served daily from 12:30pm to 2:30pm and from 4:00pm till 6:00pm. 

If you want to enjoy a high tea the way it’s meant to be, Intercontinental Amstel Hotel is the right choice.


“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water!” – Eleanor Roosevelt


Planter’s Country Hotel in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

By Lady Kathleen from Kat Pegi Mana: Where Is Kat Going
Planter’s Country Hotel in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia is known for their Devonshire tea and scones. The hotel was formerly a boarding school in 1934 for European expatriate children and school teachers from England. Many decades later, the property was bought over by Mr. K. Balakrishnan who converted the site into a hotel. 

Perched on a hill slope and overlooking the tropical forest, Planter’s Country Hotel went through several refurbishments but the property owner preserved and maintained the original Tudor concept with interiors complete with vintage finds, modest furniture with floral prints, a fireplace, reading and drawing rooms, and picturesque gardens, thus giving the hotel a quaint countryside charm. With ambiance of a traditional English-style inn, it’s quite aptly to have afternoon tea of scrumptious scones with homemade jam and cream in the hotel’s Rajah Brooke Tea Room


You can’t buy happiness, but you can tea and that’s kinda the same thing!


Afternoon tea at the Park Hyatt – Sydney, Australia

By Lady Rachel from A Nesting Nomad

If you’re looking for a quintessential Sydney experience via the medium of afternoon tea, may I suggest booking in to the Park Hyatt in the Rocks?
The Park Hyatt is a five star hotel famous for hosting guests such as Tom Cruise and Elton John, and Pippa Middleton and James Matthews spent their honeymoon there in 2017. Teas are taken in The Dining Room and your view is smack bang of the Opera House over the harbour. Despite this, the atmosphere isn’t stuffy and you can dress up or down, as is your preference.
Dietary needs are catered for, with gluten free and/or dairy free teas available. I can vouch for the gluten free afternoon tea, which had the most beautiful little cakes and some delicious scones. I only wish there had been more. Unfortunately we found the service to be patchy, which I wouldn’t expect for the hefty price tag (A$55 per person). 

Life is like tea… It’s all in HOW you MAKE it!


Afternoon tea at the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat – Nice, France

By Lady Phoebe from Lou Messugo

The Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, a legendary palace hotel on the French Riviera, is an elegant affair.  We booked for early October and were told it would be in the Rotunda designed by Gustav Eiffel (of the tower fame), but the weather was so lovely that it was served outside on the terrace overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean sea.  Under 100 year old Aleppo pines we sipped on pink champagne and indulged in an array of sublime pastries and finger sandwiches, continuing a ritual made popular at the hotel by such icons as Coco Chanel and Jean Cocteau in the 1950s.

The selection of patisseries, displayed traditionally on a three tiered cake stand consisted of a layer of delicate mini fruit tarts and chocolate mousse cake, then a layer of melt-in-the-mouth petit choux (mini cream buns as light as air) and a third layer of savoury sandwiches.  Every single flavour created by World Champion of Sugar Arts pastry chef, Gaëtan Fiard, was delicate, exquisite, complex and utterly divine. While the selection initially might not have seemed enormous, and there was no question of continual refills, it turned out to be the perfect amount, leaving us satiated and content without feeling over full: a very French take on a classic English afternoon tea.

As the afternoon cooled into evening, we were brought snuggly soft fleecy shawls to wrap up in, encouraging us to linger on the beautiful terrace, savouring an absolutely delightful experience.


“Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have a cup of tea first?” – Alice in Wonderland

High Tea in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

By Lady Christine from The Journey of Christine
This past December, I was lucky enough to accompany my now fiancé on his work trip to Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. What do those three countries have in common? South Africa and Botswana are current members of the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly the British Commonwealth), and Zimbabwe was a member until 2003. While traveling within those three countries, you can see (and hear) British influences everywhere you go. All three countries drive on the left side of the road and all three countries love their tea.  
While on safari, you are on a tight schedule but that schedule definitely involves high tea. Before your afternoon game drive, you meet up for high tea which consists of tea, coffee, and light bites. It’s your afternoon pick me up, and it’s supposed to hold you over until dinner which is 3-4 hours later (depending on your game drive). Each safari camp has their own twist on high tea, but it’s pretty much like it is in England but with better weather and more animals. 
Our most memorable high tea was in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. We were staying at Linkwasha Camp and to our surprise, we were joined by elephants! A herd was enjoying the watering hole out front, and one male elephant was enjoying an afternoon snack behind us. While on safari, you are lugging around your camera 24/7 so during meals and high tea, I like to just relax and enjoy having my hands free for a little bit. But that day, I ran and got my camera as fast as I could. 
It’s not everyday you enjoy an afternoon cup of tea with elephants around you! 
“Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage” – Catherine Douzel

Afternoon Tea at Westbury Hotel – Dublin, Ireland

By Lady Hilary from HilaryStyle

The moment we walked into the lobby of Dublin’s Westbury Hotel, I knew we would be adding afternoon tea to our trip’s agenda. Afternoon Tea, although not a tradition in the United States, is something we’ve happily adopted during our travels, and make time for it whenever we can.

Indulging in The Westbury’s tea service was the perfect way to while-away a rainy Dublin afternoon. Tea is served in the hotel’s gorgeous lobby, where you’ll be cozy in the generously stuffed sofas and chairs, and surrounded by beautiful blooms, and shinning crystal.  Your service includes a choice of teas from around the world (poured into the most adorable tea cups) as well as a variety of savory and sweet treats, including sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, and a delightful selection of patisserie. All this while overlooking the wonderful Grafton Street, one of the city’s most popular shopping areas. If it’s something a little more bubbly you’re after, consider choosing something from the Champagne trolley. Afternoon Tea is served daily between 12.30pm and 5.30pm. Call ahead for reservations.

I’m not addicted to tea.  We are just in a very committed relationship!

High Tea at Kayumanis Resorts – Bali, Indonesia

By Lady Jackie from Get Lost with Jackie

When traveling to Bali one might expect lush, tropical rainforests, bright blue beaches, happy locals, temples and traditions, and all the Asian inspired eats you can imagine. What might not immediately come to mind when thinking, “Bali”, is high tea. I, too, was surprised at how many properties, both luxury and budget, have adopted this age old British tradition of afternoon and high teas and are now offering them as (typically complimentary) services to guests. 

I wrapped up quite a few afternoon tea’s in Bali in my article, Where to Have High-Tea in Bali” but there was one property offering that stood out amongst the rest. Kayumanis Resorts has four properties in Bali – in Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Ubud. The high-tea at Kayumanis takes the traditional high tea offerings and puts a Balinese spin on them. You can expect small sandwiches and sweet treats – as with any typical high-tea! You may also find egg-rolls in place of sandwiches or “laklak” cake (which is made with the intention to be paired with tea) in place of scones.

High-tea at Kayumanis is not only delicious but also appealing to the eye. You can pair your high-tea with iced or hot teas (I highly suggest trying the lemongrass tea which is a delicious way to hydrate and refresh in the Balinese heat) or you can opt for coffee (if you do – make sure to order a Balinese coffee!). I’m positive that no matter where which Kayumanis property you opt to have your high-tea in Bali it will be an experience to remember.


“Enjoy simple things with total intensity. Just a cup of tea can be a deep meditation” – Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Afternoon Tea at Clarinda’s Tea Room – Edinburgh, Scotland

By Lady Jordan from Wayfaring with Wagner
Nestled on the quiet end of the Royal Mile, Clarinda’s Tea Room is Edinburgh, Scotland‘s best kept secret. It is the perfect stop after a morning hike up Arthur’s Seat or a visit to Queen Elizabeth II’s Palace of Holyroodhouse. Having lived in Edinburgh for a year, I had the opportunity to experience multiple afternoon teas – from the traditional offerings to the over-the-top extravaganza. However, it’s Clarinda’s Tea Room’s local charm, quaint location, and down-to-earth approach that sold me on their afternoon tea. 
While a traditional afternoon tea includes an array of sandwiches, cakes, scones, clotted cream, and jams, Clarinda’s Tea Room only offers à la carte options (there is no afternoon tea on the menu). However, as someone who much prefers the cakes and scones over the sandwiches, this is perfect for me. Additionally, I always find a full afternoon tea to be a bit overwhelming. That being said, it is possible to compose a full afternoon tea if that’s what you’re seeking. Additionally, the tea selection is diverse and extensive. 

With only 6 or 7 tables, Clarinda’s Tea Room is extremely cozy and kitschy (in the best possible sense) – it’s a bit like walking into your grandmother’s home! However, the decor just adds to the charming nature of the establishment. 
Due to not taking reservations, be prepared to possibly wait for a table, especially during the summer months. Additionally, Clarinda’s Tea Room has very limited hours, being open daily from 10 am to 4:30 pm. If afternoon tea isn’t your cup of tea (see what I did there!), there are also individual breakfast and lunch options. Clarinda’s Tea Room is definitely worth a stop during your next visit to Edinburgh, Scotland. 
You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy TEA and that’s kind of the same thing!

Afternoon Tea in the Sky – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

By Lady Arzo from Arzo Travels
Normally, an “Afternoon Tea” is all about a classic place to enjoy some nice little snacks while listening to quiet music…
Normally. When you book a “Afternoon Tea in the Sky”experience in Dubai you will experience something else.
When I heard about the “Dinner in the Sky” activity – you get lifted up by a crane and are about 50 meters in the sky, while your feet are hanging in the air, I knew I had to try this one. While it is mainly known as “dinner in the sky” you can also book lunch or an afternoon tea – and I tried the last one.
Located in Dubai Marina, it is one of the most beautiful areas. Many skyscrapers on the one hand and a lovely beach on the other – if you are brave enough you can have your afternoon tea high in the sky overlooking both areas. So, while enjoying some snacks and a lot of tea make sure to have your camera onboard, so you capture this moment forever.
The atmosphere is also different to what you are probably used to from a classic afternoon tea – loud and fun music is played while you get served some snacks by Westin Hotel (one of Dubai’s leading luxury hotel in Dubai Marina) and while it surely is not presented as beautifully as you might know it from other places it is a unique experience!
Our friendship is like a cup of tea… a special blend of you and me! 
No matter where you are in the world, there’s always a chance you can find an afternoon tea of sorts. From tea time in Ottawa, Canada to the depths of Africa, you can find time to take a good brew! Just look for the nearest tea house or fancy hotel and you’ll be bound to enjoy a three course afternoon tea! 

If you’re interested in hosting your very own tea party, I recommend the following products all of which led to my own very successful first attempt at hosting an afternoon tea party for my birthday!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I might make a little extra spending money, at no extra cost to you. As always, all opinions are my own and these products/services have been found useful during our travels and come highly recommended to you from yours truly!

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  1. Oh yes, having tea at Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam is so worth it. You **may** have to sell a kidney or a lung to afford it, but sooooo delicious. I know several places in The Netherlands that do amazing spreads, though I am not sure they’d qualify as ‘having an afternoon tea’.

    1. Fortnum and Mason was also quite expensive (45£ pp) but we learned afterwards that you can find an “afternoon tea” with sandwiches, scones and desserts/cake at any tea house/room for less than half the price and equally as good if not better! We had an ammmmazing one in York for 12£ a person!

  2. Now I want afternoon tea!

    I am British and I had no idea the “high” part referred to the height of the table! Where I’m from in the North-East, we still call the evening meal “tea” (but just tea, not high tea).

      1. Us Brits like to confuse the meal times! I am personally a breakfast, lunch and dinner person but others say breakfast, dinner and tea (the word dinner is used instead of lunch and tea instead of dinner). The English language isn’t confusing at all (said no one ever) haha

          1. LOL, yes… what LadyBriggs said. The meals where I’m from are breakfast (in the morning), dinner (at lunchtime) and tea (at dinner time). Also, as far as I know the people who serve the food in schools are “dinner ladies” everywhere even if what they are actually serving is called “lunch” in that part of the country. Even more confusingly, I know people in the North who have “breakfast” “lunch” and “tea”… there is no meal called “dinner”.

          2. And just to throw in another layer of confusion, there’s also supper, which is mostly used in the south of England for dinner (in the evening) but can be used by northerners for a snack later in the evening after tea (/dinner). That makes it all clear then doesn’t it? Haha!

  3. Oh dahhhling, I am positively distraut that I was unable to contribute to this fine post. On my travels, I often search for Afternoon Tea but alas, haven’t yet found the desired establishments (Sanur Beach excluded, naturally. As delicious as it was, one doesn’t fully immerse oneself into the Afternoon Tea culture with sand between your toes). I shall absolutely pin this delectable post and frequent the establishments mentioned. Lady Briggs #feetdotravel

  4. So interesting reading about the history, I had no idea. When I taught primary school in Brisbane, we called lunch morning tea and then had a second, shorter “lunch” later in the day that was afternoon tea.

  5. Love how you did this post! So cool to read about all those different places serving traditional english afternoon tea. All of this looks super yummy! #WanderfulWednesday

  6. Oh, this has to to be the cutest post ever! I have never had tea but I am going to London next month, so, I hope to have the experience. Anyway, it is awesome to know you do not have to be in London to enjoy this little feast. All the photos in the post are beautiful. Plus, I love how you presented each participant as a “lady.”

  7. Tea with elephants! Tea with elephants! THAT one is amazing! The all look terribly charming and such a lovely afternoon out. I definitely didn’t grow up with high tea, but could definitely get down with the idea. Amazing collection you have curated Lorelei and I love all the quotes! Thanks so much for sharing with #FarawayFiles. Cheers from Copenhagen – where I’m going to make Carolyn meet me for tea at A.C. Perch’s – can’t believe I haven’t been there!

  8. Who doesn’t love afternoon tea? It needs to be much more of a “thing” if you ask me! Great list – will keep it in mind if I go to any of these places 🙂

  9. Looks like some delicious research was involved in the writing of this article! It’s really interesting to see how different places do afternoon tea-though they all look good! #FarawayFiles

  10. Afternoon tea is something I’ve never experienced, but your post makes me want to! What scrumptious foods. My first choice would be the Willy Wonka tea — chocolate! We once went in Harrod’s in London during afternoon tea time and sat down and ordered a soft drink. We were just a few feet from people enjoying the lovely trays of sandwiches. Some day . . . .

  11. Lady Hilary! I love it! It’s the only time I’ll ever be called that! I love afternoon tea, and I loved being included with this great group of bloggers. I’ll definitely be checking some of these out when/if I find myself near one of these great suggestions. In fact I think we may do afternoon tea for Mother’s Day this year. #farawayfiles

  12. I was drawn to this post as I experienced my first ever Afternoon Tea last Sunday with my mum, we spent an hour and a half touring the London sights in an old decorated red London bus, while enjoying our tea/coffee and cakes.
    Being English you would have thought I would have enjoyed this pleasure before, however, I’m ashamed to admit I don’t actually drink tea, I’m more of a coffee person. #farawayfiles

  13. Oh wow, I love tea! I grew up with my mother throwing tea parties whenever she could, and now whenever we travel together, we try to find a good place to have high tea. Scones with a well-made clotted cream are absolutely divine. Our favorite experiences so far have been in Canada, Cornwall, and Lanai (Hawaii). She’ll be so excited when I show her this list! Everything looks so delicious, I didn’t know there were so many amazing options around the world. Thanks so much for all of the great information, hope I get to check out at least a few of these places one day! #FarawayFiles

  14. Oh wow, I love tea! I grew up with my mother throwing tea parties whenever she could, and now whenever we travel together, we try to find a good place to have high tea. Scones with a well-made clotted cream are absolutely divine. Our favorite experiences so far have been in Canada, Cornwall, and Lanai (Hawaii). She’ll be so excited when I show her this list! Everything looks so delicious, I didn’t know there were so many amazing options around the world. Thanks so much for all of the great information, hope I get to check out at least a few of these places one day! #FarawayFiles

  15. I have never taken high tea but I would love to. My next chance from your choices would be in Sydney later this year so I’m keeping that in mind. Great idea for a post!

  16. Oh I would seriously love to experience high tea in Zimbabwe amidst an African safari! And that high tea in Kayumanis Resort in Ubud – the cakes look so pretty! Fantastic compilation post on high & afternoon tea 🙂 #FarawayFiles

  17. I just experienced my first official afternoon tea in London last week. I wish it was as pretty as some of these you featured here. Nonetheless, as a tea addict, I enjoyed the experience. Pinning this for our next round of afternoon tea in our travels!

  18. What lovely afternoon teas you have found around the world. Did you actually get suspended in the air by a crane for your afternoon tea in Dubai? That is unique but I don’t know if I would partake. I really enjoy afternoon teas when they are presented on three-tiered cake stands.

  19. I love afternoon tea, even though I don’t do it very often. This post is a good reminder that I should make time for it, especially since I know live in England! I love Fortnum and Mason but have not done tea there yet! #TheWeeklyPostcard

  20. Your post made me drool. I love everything that has to do with food, lol! The first time I hade “high” tea was in the mall (of all places). They opened fancy tea place there, so I went with a group of ladies to see what it was all about. Since then I’ve been to many afternoon and “high” tea places, but never in London. The only thing I don’t like about it is the price. Almost anywhere you go, you pay more that you should for this fancy tea thing (lol!)

    1. We thought that too but we had a lovely afternoon tea in York for 12£ per person and we paid 45£ each at Fortnum and Mason. And while that as good, the York afternoon tea was 100% more delicious so you can find amazing afternoon teas for affordable prices without the name!

  21. Fabulous post, Lori! And so many different places represented! I love tea. Drink it everyday. Which is why I now wonder why I never go out for the full tea experience. New York has some great ones like the St. Regis but it’s probably been 15 years since I’ve been. Need to rectify that! #farawayfiles

  22. I didn’t know the difference between high tea and afternoon tea. I’ not a tea person, so I’ve never gone for afternoon tea although I know there are places that offer it. But after seeing these cute pictures I’ll have to try it.

  23. Tried to go to Fortnum and Masons last year. Without a reservation, days in advance it was impossible to get in. It looked amazing!!!
    fantastic round up of tea destinations, well done! ( not just saying that because you asked me to write about Copenhagen)

  24. That’s quite a veritable list you’ve got there! I had no idea afternoon tea was such an international thing – figured maybe the UK and the Commonwealth countries, that would be it. In Singapore, I think we use “high tea” more to mean a buffet of tea-time stuff – scones, pastries, and more local snacks. I love those! But you can also find the more English afternoon teas with the 3-tier dishes and all. Had no idea you’re supposed to eat from the bottom up – TIL! 🙂

  25. What a great post! I learned a lot about the tradition of afternoon tea – all over the world. I knew it originated in England and I expected to read about traditional afternoon tea from there, but on a safari, or up in the sky? Thanks for a tour of tea houses and the history of this tradition. I enjoyed reading it. And now off I go to make myself some tea. I think I’ll choose Earl Grey, loose leaves. I’ll be taking it in my sitting room…

  26. Wow, these are all awesome places to grab some tea. I’m not a tea lover but your photos made me want to go there for a cup of tea.

  27. All of these places look so cute! Now I’m craving those tiny sandwiches that for me are the best part about tea time 😉 I’ve never been one to seek out afternoon tea times, but now I’m thinking that I need to make it a priority in certain places!

  28. This is the best colab EVER! If you need anymore research to be done, I will selflessly put myself forward. Haha.

    There are some great suggestions here… I saw the Willy Woka one mentioned a few times when I lived in London, but never got time to go!

    You’re absolutely right when you say that afternoon tea doesn’t need to be a big fancy affair. One of the best I’ve ever had was on a Sunday walk in the UK countryside. A group of old ladies had baked cakes with a selection of teas/coffees outside a church to raise funds for renovation. Such a great feeling – eating homemade cake on a wonky chair, surrounded by smiley old ladies… knowing that you’ve totally earned it because you’ve been walking all day!! 😉

  29. I’m now feeling a little TOO inspired to go for afternoon tea after reading all these great suggestions! So cool to travel the world via afternoon tea and learn about some traditions while you’re at it. I love all the twists to the traditions! I’m now VERY MUCH looking forward to my celebratory afternoon tea this weekend. Wish I could take all you ladies with me!

  30. What an interesting and unique post. Loved learning all about these great tea experiences from all over the world. I didn’t know the difference between afternoon and high tea until now too. I’m not a big fan of tea but I do enjoy the whole experience and go more for the food 🙂 One of the most unique ones we attended was at sea while cruising with Holland America.

  31. What an interesting and unique post. Loved learning all about these great tea experiences from all over the world. I didn’t know the difference between afternoon and high tea until now too. I’m not a big fan of tea but I do enjoy the whole experience and go more for the food 🙂 One of the most unique ones we attended was at sea while cruising with Holland America on our way to Alaska.

  32. Hahah. I didn’t know the difference between afternoon tea and high tea before reading this post! All these options look lovely but the one that stood out for me was Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe! Tea on safari! Now that’s unique.

  33. I love the concept of this blog post, never knew that “Afternoon tea” was an experience shared by so many countries! Particularly love the touch on South Africa and Zimbabwe:)

  34. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the seventh Duchess of Bedford. She single-handedly came up with my favourite “meal” of the day. I learned so much from this post! I didn’t know the difference between high tea and afternoon tea either.
    I had an afternoon tea with my aunty and sisters-in-law for my 30th birthday in the Blue Mountains of Sydney about five years ago (I’m so old!) and recently bought my fiance’s parents an afternoon tea at The Shard in London as a thank you gift and by all accounts, both were wonderful.
    Now I have all of your suggestions to try as well! #CityTripping

  35. Love this post! Afternoon tea is always such a treat and there are some fab twists on the traditional. Amazing how a snack has developed and gone around the world. Craving a scone now! Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  36. Afternoon tea is my all time favourite meal so this post was a scrumptious read for me! I haven’t tried any of these particular ones but the one I’d love to try is the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory one -brings out the big kid in me! What an awesome round up of teas – I’m in need of some cake now! Thanks for hosting #TheWeeklyPostcard

  37. Tea is one of my favorite rituals. I’m always looking for fun places to have a high tea and you have so many good ones listed here…. I’m already thinking about where I should have tea next. #CityTripping

  38. Lorelei, you have found some quaint beautiful places for tea. Some locations are places I would never have thought afternoon tea as in New Mexico. Thank you for sharing with me the art of having afternoon tea which I have always wondered where to start and how it was introduced in 1840. Also the difference between afternoon tea and high tea. On my travels, I will have to make sure to sit down for some afternoon tea. #feetdotravel

  39. Ooooh, the one in Dublin looks delicious, I’ll add it on my list, as I’m hoping to visit the city soon. The one in Bali looks super cool!

  40. Wow the history is truly fascinating. i would not be able to go on with just breakfast and dinner either lol so obviously something had to be done. I also did not know that this sandwiches were named by someone named Mr Sandwich. Hilarious! How interesting would it be to experience afternoon tea at Harrods though! This will be on my bucket list haha! and yes, I will have to check out the closest place to me reviewed here in Brisbane. It all sounds wonderful!

  41. What a brilliant post! I love how all the ‘ladies’ have contributed! I’m reading this at the wrong time of day but still salivating at all those cakes.
    I had no idea about how the term ‘high tea’ came about. Makes sense, though.

  42. We are booking Baccus for my birthday in a few weeks! I love afternoon tea (being British and all that lol) I wish I had know you were doing this collab I would have added Raffles Singapore to your great list!

  43. I did not know the history of afternoon/ high tea! So interesting! One friend went to have high tea in the Titanic museum in Ireland! HSe said it was the best tea she’s ever had. I’m pretty lucky to have three awesome teahouses near my hometown.

  44. These are some wonderful places to try indeed. I am glad you got to try so many of these. Afternoon tea is one of my favourite activities and I am waiting to try it out at the Marina Bay sands in Singapore. That said, your picture of the Afternoon Tea at Westbury Hotel seems to inviting; so English :)…

  45. I love afternoon tea! We always try to go for afternoon tea when we travel – it’s fun trying it out in different countries around the world 🙂

  46. I’m half British, so I’ve always had a special place in my heart for tea time. Great info and these experiences all look incredible! I need to have proper tea more when I travel!

  47. Wow what a lot of different afternoon teas, I love going for afternoon tea in England but don’t usually look for them when we’re travelling. #citytripping

  48. I just loooooove this post!!! (no, I’m not a chocoholic or like sweets, haha). Will definitely save this for later. I had the amazing chocolate buffet/ high tea at the Sukhothai, in Bangkok. Mind-blowing! If you are interested, you can find the post on my blog =)

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