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Meet the Girl Behind the Blog!

Hey there! I’m Lorelei Marie – a fearless, California girl from San Diego living my dreams in Germany! Since I was 14, I have had a ravenous desire to travel the world! I have a serious addiction to some of Europe’s most Disney-esque fairy tale, half-timbered towns and castles, channeling my inner princess. When I’m not wearing my imaginary crown, I’m down to earth, ready to put on my dirndl and keep up with the Bavarians! Currently, I’m a co-host of the wonderful travel community link up #TheWeeklyPostcard!

WHO is California Globetrotter?

California Globetrotter is a blog that was started by an every day California girl who randomly decided to sell EVERYTHING and move to Germany alone, to teach English as a foreign language to pay for her unquenchable desire to travel the world. Along the way, she shared her experiences with her friends and family to encourage them to get out there and TRAVEL! Little did she know that her little blog would turn into a full-blown travel blog!

What you’ll find on California Globetrotter

California Globetrotter is an expat travel blog which focuses on sporadic bursts of travel throughout Germany and Europe with her husband to some of the most hidden, charming fairy tale half-timbered towns. This blog features personal stories of her experiences living abroad, travel stories and tips, amazing photography and attire for a lady as well as some light humor. Caliglobetrotter’s goal is to encourage others to live their dreams and travel to some of the lesser known corners of the world! More about California Globetrotter’s unique story here!

  • Travel Inspiration– here you will find posts to encourage you to travel the world!
  • Travel Stories – I aim to provide you with personal stories of our travels, history and tips.
  • Travel Guides I am a plan-o-holic and like to have a well thought out travel guide filled with lots of cool and unusual sights to see and foods to try!
  • Germany – my adopted home-country is a real life fairy tale and I’m so lucky to get the chance to live and travel here, so I’m going to show you why!
  • Life as an Expat – the good, the bad and the ugly parts to a longer than expected life abroad!
  • The Occasional Trip to the US – I turn every trip home to the US into a new and exciting post!
  • Guest Posts – Every month I offer a loyal fellow travel blogger the chance to share an amazing travel related post on my site!
  • Travel Blogger Interview Series – Once a month I put the spotlight back on my favorite travel bloggers by interviewing them about their travels and blog while introducing them to my faithful readers!


California Globetrotter’s Audience

My faithful audience includes other savvy travelers and expats who have an unquenchable thirst for travel, with a full-time job and a part-time desire to travel the world on any spare moment of time, as well as past expats looking to reminisce or new travelers taking the plunge into the world of being an expat. Most of my readers are looking for weekend getaways, road trips or holiday getaways usually between 5-10 days.

Collaboration Opportunities

Sponsored Posts

California Globetrotter is interested in partnering up with any and all types of travel related companies which would suit my travel thirsty audience. Need someone to test out your new travel guide? Need someone to review your hotel? Need someone to float away on your cruise ship? Let me be your ‘Girl Friday’!

Contact me for any of the following partnership opportunities:

Hotel Reviews – Let me rave to my audience about your amazing accommodations.

Activity Reviews –  Exciting tours, festivals, events, day/weekend trips & more!

Travel Products – Guide Books, accessories, gadgets, technology & more!

Press Trips – Let me show my travel hungry audience how to make the most out of their trip to your city!

My services are not just limited to the above! Want to discuss more? Let’s make a Skype date!

Want to advertise on my page?

I’m currently looking to advertise on my blog and promote your product on my sidebar that is suitable for my readers!

What do YOU get by working with ME?

Quick and reliable communication

Social Media coverage on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest with over 9,000 followers and growing!

Exposure to over 15,000 loyal readers per month!

Professional writing in my own laid back California voice and light humor!

My Rates

My rates are fair but there is always room for negotiations.

I get around! Find me here:



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Contact Me!

Feel free to contact me for more information or if you’re interested in working with me by shooting me an email to! You can also contact me through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter

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