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There comes a point in every travelers life when we suddenly realize that we are OBSESSED with travel and we are beyond help. Since moving to Germany, my wanderlust has grown tenfold and left me salivating for more and more and more travel. My house is decorated in travel theme, maps and travel books. If I am not traveling, I am daydreaming about traveling, trying to figure out the next day trip or vacation I can squeeze in. And I’m sure, I am NOT the only obsessed traveler out there who can’t quench her/his thirst for more.

Below is a list of symptoms that may help you to recognize whether or not you are OBSESSED with travel.

1. Your bookshelf is full of Travel Books


2. Your Pinterest account is full of travel quotes

3. Your Pinterest account has more boards of places you want to visit

4. Your house is covered in maps and globes

5. You make Modge Podge travel themed home accessories



6. You watch the Travel Channel and want to be Samantha Brown

7. Your passport is filled with stamps and left over luggage stickers

8. You save all your travel documents for future scrapbooking

9. You scrapbook/journal all of your travels


10. You are a picture whore who takes the same picture 50 times to get a good one with you and the Eiffel Tower behind you.

11. You have done the touristy thing and held the Eiffel Tower in your hands and holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa up.

12. You proudly display your travel souvenirs in your house

13. You are contemplating having a travel themed wedding

14. You love to read Travel-Chick Lit books

15. You have a special bag you only use for traveling

16. You have travel themed jewelry


17. You collect T-Shirts from every country you visit (or shot glasses!)

18. You refuse to leave somewhere without eating traditional, authentic food

19. You refuse to leave somewhere until you have experienced a traditional tradition

20. You are fully researched about the history and culture of your next vacation

21. Your pictures from all your adventures are on every wall and shelf available in your house

22. You are addicted to the Weather Channel because surprisingly they have really great travel videos

23. You are subscribed to more than one travel magazine

24. You plan out your vacations for the next year based on holidays

25. You have a travel bucket list!

26. You speak more than one language (or you know how to order a beer in multiple languages!)

27. You are downright appalled when someone informs you they don’t have a passport and you direct them to the nearest Post Office


28. You immediately eavesdrop on other conversations the minute you hear a different language

29. You aspire to write a travel memoir one day

30. Your family and friends live on Facebook and Skype

31. Your iPhone has the weather temperatures in more than 5 cities around the world


32. Your iPhone also has the time clocks from multiple cities around the world

33. You live in conversion rates

34. You live counting the time zones

35. You read travel blogs

36. You are jealous that other people come from other parts of the world, only to realize they are just as jealous of you

37. You have friends on your Facebook that you met on your travels, who you will probably never see again

38. You keep track of how many cities and countries you have visit by using the Facebook Trip Advisor “Cities I’ve Visited” app


39. You love the travel section of BuZZfeed and Huffingtonpost

40. You have seen EuroTrip more times than you care to admit

41. You want to work for a travel agency or cruise line

42. You begin sentences with “When I was in …”

43. When you don’t need a scale to know your luggage is too heavy

44. You start denken auf two languages at the same Zeit.

45. You flick through your passport just to see the stamps

46. You have considered getting (or have) a travel themed tattoo


47. You have a hard time lending someone your suitcase because you might need it

48. You don’t plan trips to go shopping, but to see the wonders of that city

49. You have multiple people wanting to meet you somewhere around the world

50. You know your way around multiple cities like a local

51. You stay in on a Friday and Saturday night because you are saving for your next vacation

52. You have made your own vacation savings jar

53. Your family has a stack of postcards from your trips around the world

54. You know the airport codes for multiple airports

55. You know all the cheap travel websites for hotels and flights

56. You take travel quizzes, map quizzes, world quizzes, monuments quizzes

57. You love flags

58. You know the difference between Gelato and ice cream


59. You get serious Post-travel blues and constantly go back and look at your pictures

60. You have a special travel drawer in your dresser

61. You have plug adaptors for different regions in the world

62. You have an unconditional love of airports for some reason

63. You cant sleep the week before your next vacation

64. You have songs related to traveling

65. You get the shakes when you haven’t traveled anywhere for a while

66. You tell people your hobby is traveling


67. You write a travel blog

68. You know how to swear in different languages

69. You have more friends around the world than at home

70. Your Facebook feed has status updates in more than 5 languages

71. Your family is lucky to see you once a year

72. Your friends ask you “Where are you now?”

73. Your boss asks you “Where are you going now?”

74. You’re in a relationship with someone from a different country

75. You joined multiple travel groups on Facebook

76. You can draw a map of Europe on a napkin without looking at a map


77. You know all the capitals of Europe

78. You have a jar filled with coins from around the world

79. You are constantly daydreaming about where you will go next

80. You book your next vacation after your first day back to work

81. You plan your vacations around a traditional festival in that country

82. You call more than one place home


83. You work to travel. That’s it.

84. You don’t get jetlag anymore

85. You moved to Europe (or your favorite country) just so you could travel more for less

86. Your Christmas list is filled with travel related gifts

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Replies to You Know You’re a Serious Traveler When…

  1. Hahahaha! Found myself nodding my head through the list, especially the language-related ones! Naja, sometimes all die Sprachen get mixed up in meinem Kopf… *g* No.68 is also important, because even if you don’t swear, you know if someone is swearing in the vicinity. Once, I heard a bunch of people speaking French and thought of walking up to say hello and practice my French; upon getting closer, all I heard them say was “putain” so I shied away…

  2. I definitely can relate to a lot of these points. Wish I was better at currency conversions though, I always have to use my phone to calculate!

  3. Haha, I can relate to many of these points! Your scrapbook looks amazing; I tried it for a while but gave up as I just don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I can appreciate a good scrapbook when I saw one, though! I think scrapbooking is becoming something of a lost art; hope you keep it up!

    1. Ooh thank you! That is my European version of scrapbooking because it’s so difficult to get nice embellishments or paper in Europe without ordering online. My books back in the states are waaay more detailed. Unfortunately, I have started making my books with an easy DIY website. If I ever move back to the states I might pick it up again. However I agree with you, it’s definitely becoming a lost art already. 🙁

  4. Really enjoyed this! And I too am very impressed with that scrapbook – I love seeing my handwriting in books which probably explains why I’m still writing ALL notes and pretty much anything down on paper before I put it on a screen… I can definitely relate to lots of the things on your list too.

  5. Haha – I don’t scrapbook (though I do save all my bits and pieces, maybe I should start!) but I was nodding along to a lot of these. My daughter is starting school in September, and as we’re still getting confirmation of which one, I discovered the one she’s currently allocated begins term mid-month. My first thought? Oooh, we could fit in an early September holiday then… #theweeklypostcard

  6. Love it, I can totally relate to a lot of those, but especially 83 – honestly, that’s the only thing that gets me up in the morning and motivates me to go to work. I never understand friends who say stuff like “Oh, I spent too much money on travel this year, I can’t go on another trip”, haha

    1. I agree! I hate it when people say that! I’m having this problem for my wedding – some people are saying they can’t make it because it’s too expensive – actually it’s not. You just gotta search for good deals and be willing to spend the money for a good experience!

  7. I definitely can relate to most of these!!! Your travel scrapbook is lovely! I keep on thinking I should make one for my next trip. 🙂

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