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Esslingen Medieval Christmas Market  | Esslingen Mittelaltermarkt | Esslingen Weihnachtsmarkt | Unique Christmas Markets in Germany | German Christmas Markets | The BEST Christmas Markets in Germany | Family-friendly Christmas Markets in Germany | #Esslingen #Medieval #ChristmasMarket #Weihnachtsmarkt #Germany - California Globetrotter

There are few towns and cities in Germany which escaped the destruction of the Second World War, and those that did, managed to survive with little to no damage. Esslingen am Neckar is one of those few towns which survived completely in tact, therefore, preserving its very special and unique medieval appearance. The town is home to over 200 picturesque half-timbered houses which feels like one is stepping back into history, 500 years before. And if you’re looking for unique Christmas Markets in Germany to visit, this is it! When Christmas comes around, the town puts on a show like no other. Medieval tents to peruse through searching for the best armor or perhaps the best stall to grab a cup of honey met (mead).

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Esslingen Medieval Christmas Market | Esslingen Mittelaltermarkt | Esslingen Weihnachtsmarkt | Unique Christmas Markets in Germany | German Christmas Markets | The BEST Christmas Markets in Germany | Family-friendly Christmas Markets in Germany | #Esslingen #Medieval #ChristmasMarket #Weihnachtsmarkt #Germany - California Globetrotter

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You’ll find this amazing market is the perfect Christmas Market day trip from Stuttgart, just a mere 20 minute train/car drive away, spread throughout the town with a the beautiful backdrop of the impressive Rathaus (city hall).  Upon entering the market, you’ll pass through what looks like perhaps a medieval entry with two towering guard stands. Directly in front of the Rathaus is an impressively tall Christmas tree with lights, which when thinking about it, now seem out of place.

When: November 22nd – December 22nd, 2022

Opening Times: Opening Day 4 pm – 8:30pm, then Sunday – Wednesday 11 am – 8:30pm, Thursdays – Saturdays 11 am – 9:30 pm

We planned to visit on the opening day of the Christmas Market and were greeted to a small stage performance by musicians and the town mayor giving a welcome speech to the visitors. 

**TIP** Check the Program of the Christmas Market to catch any special events here.

With over 200 booths, merchants in historical costumes reenact selling their goods and wares just has they did hundreds of years ago. Blacksmiths, rope-makers, broom-makers, glass-blowers basket-makers and more demonstrate their craftsmanship by illustrating their techniques used to make their goods. It’s an amazing experience to stop and watch a blacksmith pound away at a piece of iron while it’s glowing hot and create something wonderful within a few minutes. 

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You’ll also be able to enjoy street artists entertaining market goers with juggling, music and other funny things. Locals will be dressed up in traditional costumes as they really bring this fairy tale medieval Christmas market to life making it one of the most family-friendly Christmas Markets in Germany! It’s definitely fun for the whole family! And the kids will certainly get a kick out of the costumed towns people! 

You’ll be sipping on your hot Glühwein or Glühbier from traditional clay cups with the imprint of the Rathaus (City Hall) on it, but be careful, they’re hot without gloves! And let’s just be honest right now, half of the reason why we go to the markets is to drink massive quantities of one or the other and collect the cups, am I right?? 

Large torches are set up throughout the market to illuminate the Christmas market and medieval banners and flags are strung to and fro but the only thing I was missing was jousting and a prince charming!

The town doesn’t skimp out on any small details, as even the bathroom was a medieval wagon with soap that needed to be grounded in order to wash your hands! 

Behind the Rathaus, the market flows into another square of yet more fun and interesting things to do. From participating in archery to boozing it up in a medieval hot tub with curious onlookers all jealous to sipping on yet more Glühwein or perhaps you might be interested in discovering your destiny by doing a Tarot Reading.

The Traditional Modern Market

While in Esslingen, you’ll also find a more traditional Christmas Market with modern gifts, stalls and Glühwein which can be bought from a lovely stall with a Christmas pyramid similar to Heidelberg’s. You’ll find doilies, nutcrackers and so much more here.

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Replies to Esslingen MEDIEVAL Christmas Market

  1. You’re making me feel all christmassy and festive now, having not yet quite caught the bug. This looks like such an adorable market, I love it when they are a bit different from the norm and the medieval theme here sounds perfect. #citytripping

  2. I’m going to find it very tricky to decide which town in Germany to visit when I finally get round to having a Christmas market trip. You’re making things very difficult for me! #Citytripping

  3. I really think German Christmas markets are the standard all the other countries should aim for and Esslingen has set the bar even higher. I would love a stroll around these streets with a glass or two of gluhwein! #citytripping

  4. I’m absolutely obsessed with your market pictures… but you’re killing me. I want to be there SO badly!! I love the atmosphere of the markets. They’re just so festive and filled with holiday cheer. I swear, Christmas lives in those markets. That’s all I could think last year.

  5. This is a really beautiful little Christmas market! Aren’t the ones in Germany the best?! We just got home from a trip to the Berlin Christmas markets and it was so lovely. #citytripping

  6. Thank you for such a big dose of Christmas spirit! We are currently travelling in South America and I miss Europe’s awesome Christmas markets. We usually have an annual trip to discover a new one and Esslingen is now a firm contender for next year!!

  7. The Christmas markets look so quaint and festive! I haven’t yet visited at this special time of the year. I will use your link to check out the upcoming events and perhaps make a trip 😀 thank you! #feetdotravel

  8. I love how Germans take so serious the Christmas market business! As you may have seen, there are tons of post about markets circulating at the moment. It is like the smallest, more secluded town in Germany has a market. Would like to visit the country to experience the season. #feetdotravel

  9. Because of you I keep adding lovely German towns & Christmas Markets to my list of places to visit! Esslingen looks magical this time of the year! #WanderfulWednesday

  10. I loove Europe’s Christmas markets! 200 stalls is very impressive and doesnt even compare to the small humble one we have in Tallinn, Estonia. It does make for a great night out though with mulled wine, handmade crafts and taking in all the medieval architecture. Glad Esslingen was relatively untouched by the devastating war.

  11. We love Christmas markets in the first place, but in a Medieval style? How great is that? Definitely adding Esslingen to our bucket list for European Christmas Markets. It just looks so awesome! Thanks for putting this on our radar. 🙂 #FeetDoTravel

  12. German Christmas markets are the best!! Especially in a medieval setting 🙂 I’ve never been to Esslingen before but I visited a medieval Christmas market in Munich and it was amazing 🙂

  13. The hot drinks from the clay cups sound very interesting, I would love to try a few of those. The town of Esslingen with all the half timbered houses looks very Instagrammable too. This is definitely one of the more unique Christmas markets of Europe!

  14. I love history and I love Christmas markets – this would literally be a perfect combination for me. They’ve nailed the look and I can imagine how cool it would have been walking around the market trying all the delicious stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  15. What an adorable market, I love the medieval theme. Yes I admit that I am one of the people who likes to attend these markets for the Gluwein, it’s one of the main reasons to go right 😀 Pinned this delightful post and thanks for sharing. #FeetDoTravel

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